Real Rock Army

Bob LaChance


Name: Bob LaChance

From: Ironton, MO

Works at: Fred Weber Inc – Iron Mountain Quarry

About Bob:

Bob started listening to KSHE in the early 80s.

At work, Bob sits in a bulldozer 12 hours a day, 6 days a week listening to KSHE.

Bob enjoys listening to Lern and her giggles.

Bob says he can’t wait to look in the in the mirror and say, “That’s me, the KSHE Listener of the Day!”

KSHE songs that get Bob through the day:

Uriah Heap – Stealin’; ZZ Top – La Grange; Head East – Never Been Any Reason; Jerry Doucette – Mama Let Him Play; Led Zeppelin – Misty Mountain Hop – Hey Hey What Can I Do; Ted Nugent – Stranglehold; Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man – The Baallad Of Curtis Lowe

Congratulations to Bob LaChance from Ironton, MO, our “Listener of the Day”!

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