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Bob Golden of Imperial, MO

Bob Golden Rrh

Bob Golden of Imperial, MO became a Real Rock Hero in the Real Rock Army today!

Bob was in the Army, Retired Sergeant First Class (SFC)/68A Biomedical Equipment Technician. Prior to the Army: Navy Reserve, Builder Petty Officer 3rd Class (BU3)

Bob had a young soldier that had just pinned on SGT (E5) prior to him taking over as Platoon Sergeant/Medical Maintenance NCOIC in Korea. He was a couple months into his 2nd year of a two year tour when he took over. On the day before he left Korea for his next duty assignment, he asked if he could talk to Bob alone. When Bob took over, he said he was immature, no thoughts for his long term future, and really wasn’t any different as a non-commissioned officer as he had been as a lower enlisted soldier. He told Bob that he taught him how to be a leader and made him grow up and he had started a retirement account and had money in savings which he had never had before. He credited Bob’s mentorship and guidance and the positive example that he set as a role model for all of his soldiers as the impetus for his change. He said Bob’s predecessor made him an E5, and Bob turned him into a Sergeant. He just wanted to thank him and let him know what a positive impact Bob had on his life. That thank you from that soldier outshines all of the medals I wear when I put on my uniform. Having a positive impact on the lives of the soldiers entrusted to me was the greatest accomplishment of my career.

Bob says 3 things came to be in St. Louis in 1967: St Louis Blues Hockey, KSHE 95, and himself. All of the years away from St. Louis in the military and all of his travels now as a Field Service Technician for Zoll Medical have one thing in common, when he can listen to KSHE on the radio, he knows he is home. When he is away from home watching a Cardinals home game, he always listens for John Ulett in the background doing his PA duties at the stadium. He has been listening to John Ulett on KSHE and at the ballpark for as long as he can remember

Bob has been married to his wife, Rinku, for 32 years. They have three adult children and their first grandchild is due in November

Bob is a field service technician for Zoll Medical working on defibrillators and ventilators, primarily supporting our fire/EMS/ambulance customers with occasional work assisting hospital and military customers

Bob watches as many Cardinals, Blues and Packers games as he can in his spare time. He also likes to watch movies and read books and looks forward to spending time spoiling his grandchildren

KSHE songs Bob wanted to hear today:

Foo Fighters – My Hero
Metallica – Hero Of The Day
Black Sabbath – War Pigs


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