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Bob Evans of Belleville, IL

Bob Evans Rrh

Bob Evans of Belleville, IL became a Real Rock Hero in the Real Rock Army today … brought to you by Sievers Equipment and Sievers JCB!

Bob is a Desert Storm veteran, AW3 Navy. He tracked the submarines Iraq got from Russia during operation Southern Watch and was on board the USS Ranger when the first Russian aircraft landed on a U.S. ship. They where also the first aircraft carrier to go to Somalia, Africa for operation Restore Hope where they were sent to aid the people of Somalia to defend them from the gorilla faction that was taking all of their supplies

Bob likes the music KSHE plays, the jocks, and listening to the Josh Innes Show when he gets up to go to work

Bob has 3 kids who he’s very proud of. The oldest, Alli, is working at Baer Pharmaceutical using her chemistry degree, Bobby is about to finish his Masters in Architecture and current working at a pherm, and his youngest, Ciara, is using her knowledge in graphic design

Bob is also proud of his wife who is living her dream as a rock star as the lead singer of Sitdown Gitdown and Duology 101

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