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Bob Ecker 47090

Name: Bob Ecker

From: Ballwin, MO

Works at: Bob is a Real Estate agent with Keller Williams. He loves to help buyers, sellers and investors get the best possible deal they can. Working with people who love good rock n roll is a bonus.

Bob has been listening to KSHE since he was a kid in grade school. Probably the late 60’s. He’s learned a lot about rock music listening to the DJs tell stories about the bands and playing deeper cuts on albums.

Bob loves KSHE for The KSHE Kassics Show and the mix of old and new music. He says ALL of the KSHE DJs are awesome and keep him up-to-date with music and local news.

Bob’s first concert was Sammy Hagar opening up for Ted Nugent at the Area. His older sister took him to the KSHE Kit Fly where Kiss played. She thought it was just a kite fly.

Bob raised his daughter on KSHE music, especially while on our float trips. He collects autographed classic rock albums and loves to golf.

KSHE songs that get Bob through the day:
Aerosmith – Mama Kin
Faces – Ooh La La
Grateful Dead – Sugar Magnolia
Led Zeppelin – Gallows Pole
Sammy Hagar – Sam I Am
Rush – Finding My Way

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