Real Rock Army

Billy “Bdub” Brandon of Festus, MO

Billy Brandon Rra Fb

Billy “Bdub” Brandon of Festus, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Billy loves everything about KSHE especially the KSHE Morning Rock Show, the KSHE Tapes, the 7th Day and Exit 90 with Lern

Billy has been married to his beautiful wife Ann for the past 5 years. He has a 28 year old daughter named Jessica, two steps sons – Luke who is 20 & Austin who is 17 and two grandchildren – Rylynn who is 5 & Weston who is 4

Billy says his mom is his best friend and has always been his rock

Billy drives a dump truck for the best paving company in St. Louis, STL Milling & Paving out of St. Charles, and he works with the best group of guys you could ask to work with (they’re a little crazy, but who isn’t these days?)

Billy’s favorite hobby is rocking out with KSHE all day long while he’s driving his dump truck at work

Billy loves hanging with his friends and family at his lake lot down at Woodland Lakes in Sullivan, MO. He loves it when all of them line up their buggies and go riding around in a convoy

Billy and his friends jumped on their buggies and helped a family who was quarantined and had to miss out on taking their kids trick or treating on Halloween. They loaded up bags of candy and drove by the family’s lot and threw out candy to the kids. They were so excited and the smiles on their adorable little faces were absolutely priceless!

Billy also enjoys sitting around campfires listening to music, throwing events and raising money for his community at Woodland Lakes

Billy plays guitar and tries to sing a little bit and he absolutely love BBQ’s, KSHE Pig Roasts, boating, going on float trips and just pretty much anything where the recipe calls for friends, family, cold beer, loud music and fun

KSHE songs Billy wanted to hear today:

Van Halen – Right Now
Rainbow – Since You’ve Been Gone
Head East – Never Been Any Reason

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