Real Rock Army

“Big” Jon Walker

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Name: "Big" Jon Walker

From: Warrenton, MO

Works at: Schreiter Concrete in Wright City, MO

Jon started listening to KSHE in the early 80s when he came to visit family in St. Louis!

Jon likes how KSHE plays all the rock that he grew up with!

Every preset in Jon’s car is set to KSHE 95!

KSHE songs that get Jon through the day!

Kiss – Heaven’s on Fire – Lick it Up – Put the X in Sex; Metallica – Enter Sandman – Blacken – Turn the Page; Guns n’ Roses – Sweet Child of Mine – Welcome to the Jungle – Mr. Brownstone

Congratulations to "Big" Jon Walker from Warrenton, MO, our "Listener of the Day”!

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