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Ben Stockstill

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Name: Ben Stockstill

From: Litchfield, IL

Occupation: Union Carpenter out of Local 270 in Sprinfield, IL

About Ben:

Ben started listening to KSHE in 1990, when he was just 5 years old, thanks to his parents who were always listening to KSHE while he was growing up. 

Ben enjoys listening to the KSHE Morning Rock Show, the 7th Day, KSHE Klassics Show, and he loves the variety of Rock played on KSHE.

Ben’s first concert was Ted Nugent when he was still in elementary school. Ben’s parents used to take him to see Tom Petty, Aerosmith, and all the good bands when they came through St. Louis.

Ben says KSHE is a big part of his life and always plays the songs that bring back great memories with his parents. Now Ben has 5 daughters of his own and he’s a very proud father and supporter of KSHE!

KSHE songs that get Ben through the day:

Santana – Open Invitation; The James Gang – Walk Away; Ozzy Osbourne – Road To Nowhere; Jay Ferguson – Thunder Island; Ted Nugent – Dog Eat Dog; Journey – Feeling That Way, Anytime; Metallica – Fade To Black; Gregg Allman – I’m No Angel; Pearl Jam – Evenflow; Grand Funk Railroad – We’re An American Band

Congratulations to Ben Stockstill from Litchfield, IL, our “Listener of the Day”!

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