Real Rock Army

Barbara Neumayer of Breckenridge Hills, MO


Barbara Neumayer of Breckenridge Hills, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Barbara grew up listening to classic rock music from the time she was about 11 years old until this day. A couple of her friends had older siblings, so she came on board with rock music when she was young

Barbara has developed serious hearing loss, so she struggles to listen to the radio or any other sources of live sound. Hearing aids aren’t in her budget at this time, so while she can’t really hear KSHE clearly, the songs she has chosen are the ones that she would love to hear, if she could. They are all songs that would lift her spirits and get her through the day

Barbara loves all the photos, history and information about rock bands and performers from the 1960s through the 1980s that is on the KSHE website. She says anything and everything she wants to know and learn about classic rock, she can find on the website

Barbara’s closest friend is a gal named Judy who listens to KSHE faithfully every day. She talks about KSHE all the time and tells her what goes on and her personal interaction with the DJs. She introduced her to KSHE and she follows along daily with the station on the website

Barbara loves the KSHE Real Rock Museum, especially the Essentials Wing

Barbara is a 70 year old retired widow

Barbara has a daughter who lives with her family in Oklahoma City and she has a 10 year old grandson

Barbara biggest interest are animals. She loves them all, but dogs are the stars. She spends a great part of her time online networking with animal rescue and shelters and she is a strong advocate for animal welfare. She says dogs are her life blood

Barbara’s latest dog passed to the Rainbow Bridge last September. She has had one German Shepherd and five Golden Retrievers. Her first Golden was a beautiful fellow named Cally Dog (Mr. California Sunshine) followed about 14 years later by a lady and gent pair named Monte (after Monterey, CA) and Dana (after Dana Point, CA). Then when they left her, she had a second pair … a lady named Kimmy and a fellow named Rowdy. They were named after two Malamutes who she fell in love with in a series of mystery fiction books by Susan Conant

Barbara had a Cocker Spaniel named Penny when she was very young and her first dog as an adult was named Malloy after one of the police officers on Adam 12. Her husband at that time was a police officer. Much later, when Malloy had passed and they were no longer married, she fell in love with Goldens

Barbara’s other hobbies include drawing and primarily watercolor painting. She doesn’t use colored pencils, she primarily uses sharpies and other marker brands because she prefers the deep, vibrant color of markers. Comes from being a painter

Barbara also grown to enjoy coloring books for adults and she reads a lot too

KSHE songs Barbara wanted to hear today:

Led Zeppelin – Moby Dick
Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
The Doors – Light My Fire

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