Real Rock Army

Ashley Nickell

Name: Ashley Nickell

From: St. Charles, MO

Works at: Logan University – College of Chiropractic

Ashley has listened to KSHE for as long as she can remember! Her parents were the ones that introduced the classic rock genre into her life. Listening to KSHE just brings back so many memories of riding in the car with her dad. (who passed away almost 11 years ago).

Ashley loves KSHE’s classic rock music, and the no repeat song list. There is always something different playing.

Ashley loves to remember her dad picking her up from daycare on Friday nights, Sammy Hagar's "Rock n Roll Weekend" would play right on time at 6:00pm. That song is the epitome of her childhood.

KSHE songs that get Ashley through the day: 
Sammy Hagar – Rock n Roll Weekend
AC/DC – Thunderstruck
Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused
Tom Petty – Refugee
Eagles – Life in the Fast Lane
Heart – Alone & Barracuda

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