Real Rock Army

Ally McDermott of Dardenne Prairie, MO

Ally Mcdermott Rra Template

Ally McDermott of Dardenne Prairie, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Brought to you by … Tim Surdyke’s Gold Star Harley-Davidson and Outdoors. Celebrating fifty years of serving the community

Ally likes Lern and the music KSHE plays! As a 24 year old, she grew up listening to KSHE and it has played a massive part in the formation of her taste in music

Ally’s parents grew up in the prime of music, so they naturally introduced her to classic rock as soon as possible and it is a bonding point for her and her parents. She doesn’t remember a time when they didn’t listen to KSHE

Ally also loves all that KSHE does in the community! Her and her mom have been donating in the KSHE Blood Drives for the past few years

Ally is currently in school at Chamberlain to get her bachelor of science in nursing. She has about two years of school left and she can’t wait to graduate! When she’s not at school or working (at the Vans store in Chesterfield – shout out), she loves hiking, photography, sewing, and exploring the city

KSHE songs Ally wanted to hear today:

Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way
Journey – Lights
Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

Have you enlisted yet? If you’d like to join the Real Rock Army, click HERE