Real Rock Army

Allison Greaney

Name: Allison Greaney

From: Washington DC

Works at: attending Grad School at the University of Maryland

Allison has been listening to KSHE since 1992. She grew up in St Louis listening to KSHE with her parents who gifted her with their wonderful taste in music.

Her favorite time of the day is listening to the Daily Dose of Led Zeppelin!

Even though Allison is in Washington DC for school, she still streams KSHE in her office and proudly reps a KSHE bumper sticker!

KSHE songs that get Allison through the day: 
Led Zeppelin – Over the Hills and far Away & Going to California
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
Yes – I’ve Seen All Good People
Allman Brothers Band – Blue Sky
The Eagles – Seven Bridges Road

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