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Ali Mudd

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Name: Ali Mudd

From: Waterloo, IL

Works as: Children First Learning Center in Waterloo, IL

About Ali:

Ali has been listening to KSHE her whole life, over 30 years! 

KSHE is a part of Ali’s every day routine – from the Lone Klassic with the KSHE Morning Rock Show to the Daily Dose of LZ with Favazz! 

Ali really likes all of the KSHE DJ’s and especially likes Lern in the morning!

Ali says music is medicine for her.  She says there have been so many times when she turned on KSHE and there was just the right song playing at just the right moment!

Ali just recently got married to her husband, Kaelan! They were actually on their honeymoon when Carl called Ali to tell her she was going to be Listener of the Day!

KSHE songs that get Ali through the day:

Anything by Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and Grateful Dead

Congratulations to Ali Mudd from Waterloo, IL, our “Listener of the Day”!

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