Real Rock Army

Adam Browning

Name: Adam Browning

From: Cahokia, IL

Adam works at AMI Metals in St. Charles and has been listening to KSHE for over 30 years! His dad got him to listen when he was ten years old.

When he was 18, Smash gave him a case of KSHE stickers and Adam covered his friend’s entire car on their trip to Mt. Rushmore!

Adam owns 20 KSHE shirts and he keeps Sweetmeat as his wallpaper photo on his phone!

KSHE is a part of his everyday life and always will be. He loves listening to Real Rock Radio!

KSHE songs that get Adam through the day:

AC/DC – Whole Lotta Rosie

Rush – Working Man

Sammy Hagar – I Can’t Drive 55

Blackfoot – Train Train

Fastway – Say What You Will

Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll

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