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Abby Wolf

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Name: Abby Wolf

From: Portland, OR 

Abby is 16 years old and a High School Student. Before moving to Portland she worked at Innsbrook Horse Stables and would love to give them a shout-out!  

Abby has been a lifelong listener! She started when she was born and her mom has continued to raise her on KSHE! She lives in Portland now and missed the station so much! She says nothing compares to KSHE!

Abby loves listening to KSHE in the morning! Playing music in the morning is a real no-brainer for this lifelong listener. She loves the awesome playlists, the no repeat radio, and Vic.. the KSHE voice guy.

She started playing guitar because of KSHE! She is currently working on “Eruption” by Eddie Van Halen!

KSHE songs that get Abby through the day: 
Joan Jett – Bad Reputation
The Eagles – Hotel California & Seven Bridges Road
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
AC/DC – Thunderstruck
Aerosmith – Dream On
David Bowie – Space Oddity

Congratulations to Abby Wolf, 'Listener of the Day' for Tuesday, April 5, 2016!

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