The KSHE Tapes

U-Man and Favazz explore the back stories and interviews heard on KSHE, the longest running rock station in the country

Latest Episodes

Robin Trower, episode 187.

This week we feature Robin Trower on the KSHE Tapes. Robin talks of his love for STL audiences and what it’s like to sing after so many years of someone else doing it.

Jason Newsted from 2002. Episode 185

This is part two, kind of from Jason Newsted formerly of Metallica on the KSHE Tapes. Last week we featured an interview from 1997 where he talked about how great it was being in Metallica. This time he tells us why he left.

Jason Newsted formerly of Metallica. Ep. 184

Jason Newsted, formerly of Metallica sure does talk a lot during episode 184 of the KSHE Tapes. Recorded backstage in February of 1997 before their show at Enterprise, Jason talks about what it’s like being in Metallica four years before he would quit the band.

John Entwistle of the Who. Episode 183.

The KSHE Tapes this week features the late bassist of the Who, John Entwistle. He was promoting his show at the Hi Pointe Cafe at the time and listen as he talks about what his favorite Who song is of all-time.

Evil Knievel, episode 182.

The late great, Evil Knievel is on episode 182 of the KSHE Tapes. In an interview done at Doc’s Harley Davidson, Favazz asks Evil about how many bones he’s broken and also if he has any memories of St. Louis. You’ll love his answer to that one.

John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, ep. 181

Comedy legends John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd are on the KSHE Tapes this week. They were promoting the Blues Brothers music and happened to mention that a movie would be made about the brothers. Check out U-Man’s interview with them on episode 181.

Former Cardinal, Mark McGwire. Episode 180

The KSHE Tapes this week features former Cardinal, Mark McGwire. Recorded in the year 2000, Mark discusses the Cardinals chances that year and the crazy fans that follow baseball.

Billy Squier, episode 178.

The KSHE Tapes features Billy Squier on episode 178 from 1982. Billy talks about his success and what it was like to write solo songs back in the day.