The KSHE Tapes

U-Man and Favazz explore the back stories and interviews heard on KSHE, the longest running rock station in the country

Latest Episodes

Kirk Hammett of Metallica, 2017. Ep. 165

Kirk Hammett of Metallica, in a 2017 interview from Busch Stadium recalls his first time in STL and the deaths of Gregg Allman and Chris Cornell.

Steve Perry, formerly of Journey. Ep. 162

This week on the KSHE Tapes we feature an early 90’s interview with Steve Perry, the former lead singer of Journey. Here how outgoing he is and also hear why…

Former President, Bill Clinton. Ep. 160

Episode 160 features former President, Bill Clinton in a 1992 interview. He had not won the election yet however, he does talk alot about politics and delves into his favorite…

Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper, episode 157

The KSHE Tapes has a 2017 interview with Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper who toured together. Cyndi drones on incessantly and the U-Man tries to set up a meet n…