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The Josh Innes Show

The Josh Innes show airs on KSHE 95 in St. Louis, weekdays from 2p-6p. If you missed the show, you can get content from Josh right here every day after the show.

Latest Episodes

JIS: National Farmer Day

Scott is a farmer. It’s his day.
Scott and Coach are big INXS Fans. Today is the anniversary of the release of “Kick” from the band. The guys play some tracks.
Josh shares stories of wearing a Scooby Doo costume.
Today’s Real Rock Army inductee does Karate in his garage. The guys go on the quest to find him.
Scott and Coach are preparing for the Chiefs/Broncos game.
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JIS: The Gout Sucks

Josh has a gout flare up and the medication is causing tremendous stomach pain.
Josh continues to live in fear of public pooping.
Scott missed the show yesterday because he had to do some farming.
Today is the 40th anniversary of KISS without makeup.
Josh thinks he saw a dead pig on 270.
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JIS: Homeless Pooping and Sex In the Old Folks Home

Josh went to the Mizzou/LSU game and was annoyed by the trough urinals at the stadium.
It’s John Lennon’s birthday and Josh doesn’t get the hype.
Some folks in St. Louis want to make it legal for homeless people to pee and poop in the streets. The boys have a few thoughts and solutions.
Scott visited his mom at the old folks home. He learned that some really wild stuff is happening.
How Creed helped the Texas Rangers go on a run.
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JIS: You Turned KSHE To KSH*T

Josh is now taking a blood pressure pill and has grown anxious about it.
Jenna from the morning show stopped by and talked about her big date tonight.
It’s National Plus Size Appreciation Day and one lady didn’t appreciate Josh discussing it.
A listener was pissed the guys talked over an REO Speedwagon song. So, Josh played the song 3 times in a row to make sure he got to hear.

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JIS: Scott Takes The New Bidet For A Spin

Do you remember Busty Hart?
Scott has installed his new Bidet and he has tried it out. Plus, the video is on the KSHE Instagram.
It’s Travis Kelce’s Birthday, What will he and Taylor do this evening?
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JIS: Josh Had An Emergency Episode

Josh has a great business proposition for Vince Neil.
Some kids in the area got perfect scores on the ACT. Josh thinks we should be focusing on teaching kids life skills.
Josh had an emergency episode last night and had to go to the ER.
Scott has an update on his bidet.
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JIS: Trailer Trash Love Making Music

Josh is amazed by one of the new features on is iPhone after the most recent update.
Bruce Springsteen has an incredibly absurd tour rider. Josh and Scott break this down and Scott shares what was on his band rider.
Variety has a list of the best Halloween movies and it’s incredibly mediocre. Somehow, this leads the guys to a discussion about the best songs to play while having sex in a trailer.
It’s Tommy Lee’s birthday. Do women really care about large penises?
With the news that Fleetwood Mac will never really be Fleetwood Mac again, Josh expresses his love for 80’s Stevie Nicks.
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JIS: Scott Wants A Bidet

Coach is not a fan of the nonstop Taylor Swift coverage during football games.
Mercifully the Adam Wainwright retirement season is over and Josh is thrilled.
Scott has decided he wants a bidet. Listeners chime in to give details about what he can expect. How do you dry off after?
The gang wants to travel to Vegas to see the Sphere.
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JIS: The St. Clair OnlyFans Teacher

A teacher in St. Clair has been fired for having an OnlyFans page. Apparently, she’s making 8-10k a month doing sexy things online. The guys believe the firing is unjust. What do the KSHE listeners think?
It’s Adam Wainwright weekend in St. Louis. Josh continues to be annoyed by the coverage.
Will Adan Wainwright perform an encore at his concert?
Bruce Springsteen has a new song. It’s not great…like most Springsteen songs.
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JIS: Baby Coach

Josh, Scotty and Coach are introduced to “Baby Coach”.
Coach was “flirting” with Lern at a company party and now Promo Melissa, the former object of Coach’s lust, is jealous.
With the new movie “Dumb Money” in theaters, we learned that Scott was in on that action and at one point was way up on his investment. What happened?
The new Rolling Stones song is really freaking good.
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