The Josh Innes Show

The Josh Innes show airs on KSHE 95 in St. Louis, weekdays from 2p-6p. If you missed the show, you can get content from Josh right here every day after the show.

Latest Episodes

JIS: Scotty’s Epic Fall

Scotty drunkenly fell out of a bar on Sunday night. There is security footage and Scott made the mistake of showing it to Josh. Josh posted it on the Gram and the show was off and running.
People called to share their epic drunk stories.
Josh shares his drunk story about calling the police to report his car stolen…turns out he just forgot where he parked.
Today is KSHE Day. Josh feels White Rabbit is a truly brutal song.
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JIS: Scott Hobnob’s With Management

Scotty attended last nights Metallica show because management invited him to the suite.
Josh and Coach bust Scott’s balls.
Also, Scott is hungover from his suite party.
Josh really hates “Every Breath You Take” and doesn’t get why we play it.
The listeners agree that the Police (band) suck.
Today is Glenn Frey’s birthday and the boys try to decide if the Eagles were the most talented band ever.
The boys share stories from bowling with Metallica. Scott was actually pretty good.
Josh is perplexed as to why Kirkwood police have pink cars.

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JIS: Immaturity Is Funny

Josh is really impressed with Scott’s Cheech and Chong Halloween costume.
What is the best Horror movie?
The Big Boss at Hubbard didn’t realize he gave Coach his first full time job. Apparently, this moved him to tears.
Josh and Coach make fun of Scotty because he plans to roll a very light ball at the bowling event.
The guys go down a John Candy wormhole.
The 5 o’clock hour goes off the rail after a few complaints cause Josh to lose his mind.
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JIS: The First Song On Kshe

Today on the show we learned that Josh could have won a sizable bet if the Kansas City Chiefs would have just scored one damn touchdown.
That said, Scotty is elated because his Broncos got the big win.
A guy from an old folks home calls to tell the guys about sex with his 82 year old girlfriend.
The boys also hear from a guy who went to jail for selling weed.
We have some new sales guys at KSHE and those poor guys sit in on the show.
There is another teacher from St. Clair who has an Only Fans account. What is going on in St. Clair?
Josh and Scott decide to prove that listeners really don’t listen.
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JIS: Rikki Don’t Lose That Snapchat

Josh and Scott get a call from a nice lady who wants to share a KISS ticket with one lucky listener.
After this, Josh and Scott give away many pairs of KISS Tickets. They are like Oprah.
There is another teacher sex scandal in Missouri.
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JIS: No…Yes

YES had to cancel their show in STL and the boys speculate as to what caused the cancellation.
Josh has joined the throngs of people who are sick of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.
Aaron Lewis is catching hell for killing a ton of Coyotes.
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JIS: RIP Paulie

Josh’s doctor thinks Josh has anxiety so now he’s taking new meds.
Burt Young, better known as Paulie from the “Rocky” movies has died. The boys discuss their favorite films of the series.
Was 70’s Suzanne Somers hotter than 90’s Thighmaster Suzanne Somers?
Josh gets a terrible call from someone trying to make him feel better about his anxiety.

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JIS: Real Rocking Chair Radio

Josh is back from two days of being out sick. As it turns out, he was back in the ER on Monday.
It’s Jean Claude Van Damme’s birthday. The guys chop it up about 80’s and 90’s action stars.
Josh explains more about his crazy healthy issues.
You’ll enjoy the convo about Real Rocking Chair Radio.
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JIS: National Farmer Day

Scott is a farmer. It’s his day.
Scott and Coach are big INXS Fans. Today is the anniversary of the release of “Kick” from the band. The guys play some tracks.
Josh shares stories of wearing a Scooby Doo costume.
Today’s Real Rock Army inductee does Karate in his garage. The guys go on the quest to find him.
Scott and Coach are preparing for the Chiefs/Broncos game.
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JIS: The Gout Sucks

Josh has a gout flare up and the medication is causing tremendous stomach pain.
Josh continues to live in fear of public pooping.
Scott missed the show yesterday because he had to do some farming.
Today is the 40th anniversary of KISS without makeup.
Josh thinks he saw a dead pig on 270.
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