The Josh Innes Show

The Josh Innes show airs on KSHE 95 in St. Louis, weekdays from 2p-6p. If you missed the show, you can get content from Josh right here every day after the show.

Latest Episodes

JIS: Tequila and Mayo

Josh and Scott have teamed up to take down Coach in NFL picks.
The loser of the bet will have to do a shot of tequila and mayo.
Scott doesn’t appreciate Billy Idol.
Who wins in fight between Bad Bad Leroy Brown and Big Bad John?
What is the most rewatched Christmas movie?

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JIS: It’s Scott’s Birthday

It’s Scott’s Birthday!
Scott had a mid-life crisis and now has a list of things he wants to do before he turns 50. None seem attainable.
Which bands make the same song over and over?
Josh wants to learn to play an instrument.
Scott is leaving town Friday for a pot related event in California. The problem is he doesn’t have an ID.
Josh got Scott a nice birthday present.
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JIS: Coach Shares Soap With Roomies

Josh gifted Coach a bar of Busch Beer soap.
Coach told the guys that he shares his soap with his roommates Cookie and Sherry. Josh is appalled by this.
The Polaroid camera was invented 75 years ago. Did anyone other than serial killers use these?
Who was Josh’s most listened to musical artist of 2023?
Josh saw a picture of Scott without a beard. He was baffled. The two Jamokes post beardless pics. It’s not great.
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JIS: Sonny Gray Day

Josh is excited for a giant Cyber Monday sale on his favorite soap…Busch Beer scented.
Josh watched “Dutch” and it was awful.
Scott introduces Josh to a website dedicated to selling Sylvester Stallone merch.
Do you want to own any piece of movie memorabilia?
Have you put up your Christmas tree?
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JIS: Happy Birthday Cialis

The Rolling Stones are touring and the boys want to go.
Josh had a solid parlay hit on the Chiefs/Eagles game.
Josh was also right about Travis Kelce sucking.
On this day 20 years ago, Cialis was made available to the public. Listeners share their boner pill stories.
It’s almost “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” season.
Josh is upset that company Christmas party will only serve two free drinks.
Is Jon Bon Jovi a lesbian?
AC/DC is planning to tour. Who could sell out a football stadium?
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JIS: Golden Showers

Donald Trump had to explain that he didn’t receive golden showers from Russian Hookers. The audio is amazing.
Have any of our listeners ever been peed on? Have they peed on anyone?
Promotions Melissa refuses to eat any food that a listener has prepared. The guys try to get her to eat a muffin that listener Brian baked.
Josh is annoyed by the Cardinals bringing back old players.
Josh wants to know the first person who decided it was sexy to be peed on.
Will Travis Kelce suck tonight? Taylor isn’t going to be at the game.
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JIS: Candy Cigarettes

Josh and Scott had to meet with management today.
Did you ever get a giant tin of popcorn as a gift? Is it the worst gift ever?
Coach has not won in his NFL pick em pool all year. Josh has stepped in to guarantee a victory.
Josh is really annoyed by the Dolly Parton “rock” album.
A scammer called Josh trying to get cash. Josh doesn’t understand how people get scammed.
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JIS: Dave Zwiener

Josh is blown away by the fact Jimbo Fisher will make $77 million dollars to not work.
The guys meet a guy named Dave Zwiener. This leads to non stop hijinks.
The guys sample some Thanksgiving flavored potato chips.
A listener delivers Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and the guys are skeptical about trying them.
The guys try the muffins and are blown away.
Bon Jovi has a new christmas song. It will no doubt suck.
Buc-ee’s is coming to Missouri!
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JIS: It’s Sammy Hagar Day!

The boys are excited because Sammy Hagar is coming back to town for a big show next year.
2024 Cardinals tickets go on sale Friday. Josh wants to know who actually wants to buy them.
Josh offers his strategy to buying concert/game tickets.
Scott went to Micro Wrestling and had a killer time.
La Bonne Bouchee delivered a pumpkin pie to the boys. It was delicious.
What is the best Little Debbie treat?

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JIS: Dwarf Goats

Scotty has added a new member to his family….a dwarf goat.
It’s strange, but listeners are really liking the show and management hates it.
The gang meets a man by the name of Jim Crow.
For some reason the boys want to know what has become of Billy Squier.

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