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Lauren ‘Lern’ Elwell is a radio personality and a self-proclaimed ethnographer who lives for interpersonal communication. Being on the radio is a treat for the masses but being invited into an intimate studio space, Lern gets to devour the history and stories of her guests – one person at a time. This is a treat for HER and you fine people get the pleasure of eavesdropping in on that conversation with topics ranging to all of the human corners of a life well lived.

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After almost an entire ‘year dark’, myself, I decided to jump back into the podcast world with this interview! Aaron David Roberts is a producer, director, writer and musician. After the pandemic began, he and his partner, Andrew Barrack jumped into the world of independent concert venues to help share their story with the closed down world, through their upcoming docuseries, ‘One Year Dark’.

In this quick interview, I ask about how his brain went to the dark stages and when we can expect the release. We also dive into what Taylor Hawkins had to do with all of this.


Ep. 32 / Oh Hello, Again…

Well, well, well… look who it is… your ol’ pal… the voice you haven’t heard in the podcasting realm since December 2020… yes, you may think that I have been a major slacker but please allow me to explain.

Welcome to my ‘wasted time free thoughts’

Disclaimer: There is no agenda here. I had some extra time and a recorder in front of me… so I hit ‘record’ and let my brain whizz out. Enjoy.

Ep. 31 / Lern Holiday Q&A Special

For this final episode of 2020, Lern takes to the mean streets of SOCIAL MEDIA to gather questions from her audience. In maybe the most narcissistic episode yet, Lern answers those questions with honesty, curse words and last-week-of-work efforts! Enjoy this very random episode and let’s hope to Lemmy that she will be able to have guests come 2021… “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals!” 🙂 xo

Ep. 30 / Favazz

Favazz and Lern have worked together since 2008 at KSHE 95. At the start of 2020, they swapped dayparts – Favazz went to morning drive, while Lern went to afternoons. In this episode, you go deep into their dynamics in the friendship. Old times are discussed including some rock star encounters, and how Favazz was the first jock at KSHE to allow Lern inside the studio to meet one of her faves of all time. Their friendship is fun and their career highlights together are even more enjoyable. Have fun listening to these two pals ‘tell all’ in the hour they allotted. This episode pairs well with getting your ears pierced a couple more times and then telling your enemies to ‘Go F*ck Themselves.’

Ep. 29 / Kate Bethel

Supporting local businesses has never been more important – especially the ones that are dear to your heart! One of the many local loves in Lern’s life is MAVEN in Maplewood, MO. This shop has locally made soaps, candles, face mists, shampoo, lotions and so much more. And it was all created from the genuine interest Kate Bethel had when her previous career wasn’t necessarily sparking her in the ways she would have hoped. Kate’s story is a beautiful one – some would call it ‘The American Dream’. Hopefully during this episode you will be equally inspired to shop local more often and maybe even start working on your own ideas to make something that everyone can enjoy, too.

Learn More: https://www.mavenstl.com/
Enter promo code ‘Lern20’ for a discount until November 1st, 2020

Ep. 28 / Donny Fandango The Sequel

We couldn’t fit everything into just one episode when it comes to Donny Fandango and rightfully so. This is ‘the meat’ of his career – interview highlights! What is it like being in a press tent at Lollapalooza? What makes Trent Reznor laugh? What do you do when you see Maynard James Keenan with boobs? All of these very important questions are answered in this episode. Enjoy for a second helping – Donny Fandango!

Ep. 27 / Kelsie Eversmeyer

Nutrition and healthy habits: two things we probably all could be better at, am I right? (You’re nodding, I assume) Enter my friend: Kelsie Eversmeyer – A Shame-Free Nutritionist and Healthy Habits Coach! In this episode, we dive into education, action and reaction to what the world is telling us about ‘what we should be doing’ and what we already know about taking care of ourselves. As you will hear through this entire episode, really KNOWING what your goals are and reading up on how to get there is completely important… and sometimes it helps to have someone to guide you every step of the way. That’s what Kelsie does for her clients. If you have been falling back into bad habits – unhealthy ones – during this pandemic, this may be a great resource for you. This episode pairs well with listening in headphones and laughing through the completely awful sound quality (Lern is MORTIFIED..haha!) But we couldn’t scrap the conversation… it was so good. Also, I hate Chainsaws. Actually, this episode pairs well with NOT cutting down your trees early in the morning.

Ep. 26 / Donny Fandango

Donny Fandango is one last of a dying breed of radio hosts. It is rare to find a jock who actually cares about the music they play and who has the authenticity to just ‘be themselves’ in this wild online age we are living in. As we will discuss: Donny is ‘layered like an onion’ and this episode only touches on maybe HALF of who Donny is, completely. It was a real treat to sit back and have a very genuine conversation with someone in the radio business about the professional lines we all walk, online hate vs online awesomeness, parenting, the joys of finding music and how to completely screw up interviewing Marilyn Manson. This episode pairs nicely with listening to some Millencolin, while muting your enemies online and allowing yourself to surrender to being completely who you are. Enjoy.

Ep. 25 / Mandy Griffin

In this day and age, it’s really hard to relax. It’s almost like you have to work really hard to relax because there’s so much going on – and then, it’s like, ‘where do I begin on this relaxing journey?’ Well guess what: this episode can serve as somewhat of a launching pad for you. Inside this episode, Lern speaks with Mandy Griffin, who is the owner of Remedy Massage in South City. She is someone who Lern looks up to for how calming her spirit is and how much she has educated herself with the art of massage, energy healing and meditation. This episode does include some options for a start with your journey into the relaxing realm… so hopefully you can find what is right for you! This episode pairs well with a dark space to listen to and plenty of room for imagination.

Ep. 24 / Josh Rowan

More than ever, we as people are probably day-dreaming about traveling in a worry-free existence. With so much uncertainty in our world, it’s hard to imagine when that will actually become a reality again. Luckily, we have beautiful photos to ease our minds and continue to inspire us on where we will go explore next, once we can. On this episode, Lern sits down with Josh Rowan who is a photographer, graphic designer and artist from Saint Louis, to chat about his travels and what he captured both on film but also in his heart. Traveling can do that to you, after all. You can find more info on Josh and see many of the experiences they get into here: www.joshuarowan.com
This episode pairs well with getting lost in some photos.