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Weekend Update: February 12th, 2018

Rock Packs, Dancing Until 2a and Mardi Gras!

My Night Ranger necklace from 1983. I wore it to the show & showed Kelly Keagey.

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Lern’s Weekend:


After a grueling, actual full week of work, I decided to grab my best friend and head to the casino. We went dancing as the Platinum Rock Legends played. We danced until the wee hours. Got home around 2:30. Shout out to all the cool people we hung out with and met!


Woke up hungover. Which was sad because that meant I wasn’t going to drink during Mardi Gras. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. My girlfriends, Leah, Megan and Meggie all came with to Social House in Soulard which is where the unofficial KSHE party was. I had a great time watching my friends and listeners drink their hearts out and met some really fun people.

Afterwards, we warmed up at Twin Peaks in Maplewood with our husbands. Filled up our bellies and then came home for a nice fire where Tim and I fell asleep watching TV.


We had zero food in the house so we went to Whole Foods. Then lounged around the fireplace with Planet Earth reruns. Tim played basketball and I got prepped for the week ahead.


Carl’s Weekend:


Picked up something at the Shiner’s headquarters – I want to take a quick minute to thank them for the work they do. They do a great job! That evening I took my daughter to Rock Pack at the Family Arena, where I introduced the show. The bands were John Payne of Asia, Steve Augeri of Journey, Kelly Keagey of Night Ranger and Lou Gramm of Foreigner. Thank you to Tom O’Keefe from the Family Arena and to all the artists. And “hello” to all the listeners who came up to say hi.


Wished a “Happy Birthday” to the Mighty Favazz. I also enjoyed the delicious apple pie made from scratch by my buddy, Thom, while watching the Eric Clapton documentary, “My Life in 12 Bars” on Showtime. And a special thanks to Lern for FaceTiming me from Mardi Gras.


Woke early to work the Blues’ hockey game and then went home in daylight to work on organizing taxes. In the evening I watched David Letterman’s “My Guest Needs No Introduction featuring George Clooney.” Before bed it was “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown.”