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Weekend Update: December 12th, 2016

Finding Christmas Trees, Dog Sitting, and Festive Local Events

At the Messmer White Elephant Party, the prize had to be up to $25 - I brought a KSHE t-shirt. It was the hit of the party, where more than 4 people fought for it.

U-man's Weekend:

My weekend began early Thursday and Friday as my daughter Olivia graduated from St. Louis University and is now a Physician Assistant!!! I'm so proud of her. She has a job and will be working to help sick and injured people at a hospital near you soon. We dined and celebrated afterwards.

I fixed a burnt out brake light on my wife's van on Saturday. (Real Man! Right!)

And Sunday my daughters and I went to Terry Seeger's Christmas Tree Lot and bought a 9 footer. We've been going to Terry's for many years.


Lern's Weekend: 

Friday: After the Blood Drive I drive to The Hill to pick up my friend, Brittni's dog — Maddie. She is a 10 year old pug who I have dogsat before. I really love dogs but I have some crazy skin condition which doesn't allow me to own one, sadly. So I watch them periodically for friends and that's how I get my adoration for them out. I used to have dogs but as I've aged I've developed a really stupid skin allergy to them… it's pretty sad, actually. I also don't have time to have a pet because I'm going 400 mph every day.


Maddie and I hung out at home and napped into the evening, before Tim got home. Once he got home we ate a homemade dinner and went to bed extremely early. We were pooped from the week. Maddie slept in her doggy bed in our room.


Saturday: I woke up to a pug's face looking at me at 6am. She needed to go outside, so I dragged my ass out of bed into the cold backyard to let her out. The sun was hardly up yet and it was freezing! After we came back in, we passed back out under the warm winter comforter. I love my bed because it's tempered to the season and the way I sleep. We have a NASA-inspired mattress cover that is cooling while we sleep, we have white sheets, a thin quilt on top of the sheet and then a winter comforter that is weighted: I read somewhere that you should sleep with a weighted blanket for better sleep and it's the truth!


I really love to sleep if you can't tell. I also have aromatherapy happening at all times in my room and there's a low temperature. I take my sleep seriously.


Finally, I get up and make Tim homemade pancakes — Matthew Stewart's recipe. Delicious! We have coffee and lounge throughout the morning.


Around 10a I fall asleep while reading Vogue in my lounge chair. I wake up to both Tim and the pug looking at me.


Later that afternoon, Tim and I went to Side Project Cellar in Maplewood to enjoy delicious beers. I finally felt like having alcohol since last weekend's sh*tshow of a party… Afterward we went up to Schlafly Bottleworks after we were invited by a listener named Blaine to check out Amnesty International's set up inside. We got a beer and then I saw manager, Charles from Schlafly and we talked about neat upcoming events. After downing a beer we walked up the AI table and took in what good they are trying to do for people overseas. I'm interested to learn more.


We were hungry so we did dinner at Slider House on our way home. It's so good!!! I highly suggest the Quinoa Burger (just trust me.)


When we finally got home we had a pug dog excited to see us. We all watched a movie (Lucky Number Slevin) but I fell asleep because of full belly + beer = I'm out… but I woke up just in time for the ending twist. We watched three episodes of The Office and then went to sleep.


Sunday: again, a pug alarm face. This time Tim made breakfast and Maddie went home. After she left I cleaned up and then embarked on Christmas Shopping… I have most of my gifts bought. I don't feel very great about it though. I always want to give people more… I am SantaTron.


We ended our weekend with a new Manicotti spin (with Chard and cream sauce), a fire in our living room and watching Planet Earth while marveling at this beautiful world we live in…


Hope your weekend was wonderful!


Carl's Weekend:

I did a LOT this weekend including:


The AB Brewery Lights

Six Flags Holiday Spectacular

The Daughter of the American Revolution O'Fallon Chapter Christmas Party

The Messmer White Elephant Christmas Party

Bethio & Jeffio's Annual Christmas Party

The Oleshak's Christmas Party

The Entertainment Rundown

The Saint Louis Film Critic Association Nomination Party

Mass for Advent

Steel Panther