Tammy Lawig

Name: Tammy LawigFrom: St. Charles, MO      Works at: Tammy is the owner of Lawrence Florist at 927 North Second Street in St. Charles. She has owned her shop for 14 years. Tammy blasts KSHE in her flower shop every day. Her delivery trucks are also all tuned to KSHE.Tammy has been listening to KSHE since 1975. She…


Richard Blackford

Name: Richard Blackford From: St. Louis, MO       Works at: Richard works as an 8th Grade History Teacher at Selvidge Middle School. Richard has been listening to KSHE since 1983. Richard likes KSHE for the variety of the music. KSHE plays the stuff he grew up on and lets him in on some of the new material…


Terry Seckel

Name: Terry Seckel From: St. Louis, MO       Works at: Terry works for the Saint Louis County Government. Terry has been listening to KSHE since he was 5 or 6 years old. His brother introduced him to KSHE in the 70s, along with Ted Nugent, Reo Speedwagon and Aerosmith. Terry likes KSHE for the concert updates and…


Steve Vincent

Name: Steve Vincent From: Chesterfield, MO      Works at: Steve works from home, so he listens ALL the time! Steve has been a devoted KSHE listener for 35+ years. He is an avid concert-goer with a massive ticket stub and guitar picks collection and “Captain Concert” texter for U-Man and Lern. Steve likes KSHE for the great on-air…


Michael Puettmann

Name: Michael Puettmann  From: Maryland Heights, MO   Works at: Michael works on the Landing.   Michael has been listening to KSHE since the mid-80s. Michael likes KSHE for rockin' in the morning with limited commercials and of course Lern. Michael’s first concert was AC/DC and he has loved them ever since.  Michael is a huge Blues and Cardinals…


David Hagelstein

Name: David Hagelstein From: Manchester, MO Works at: David works at LM2 Resource Solutions as a Recruiter. He finds Press Operators jobs all over the United State. He listens all day in his office, Monday through Friday. David has been a loyal KSHE listener for 37 years. David likes to play golf, go to concerts (AC/DC is his…


Local Produce: Episode 6 – Gavin M

Gavin McNutt, known this past show as quite simply, ‘Gavin M.’ is looking for people to play music with. A man of many acts before this singlehood on a stage at Seven Lounge in his hometown of Belleville, IL, was the man of the evening – who is solely responsible for every bar-goer’s night. Luckily…


Local Produce: Episode 5 – Pirate Signal

The only show I have seen at the Demo in the Grove was Vintage Trouble. That night, they sold out the small and yet acoustically-sensational venue. This episode of Local Produce wasn’t a sold out show, but with the level of talent in the room, it should have been. See, that is the issue with…


Local Produce: Episode 4 – Old Salt Union

The Old Salt Union is a band from Bellevegas, IL — they know all the bars I like going to, and they are fun people to be around. They actually played one of their first gigs at my favorite hole in the wall, called Blue Agave in Belleville. This didn’t surprise me, because this whole…


Local Produce: Episode 3 – Glass Cavalry

About a year and half ago, I had the idea for the Local Produce Section, and one of the first emails I received was from a girl named Katie Lindhorst. She said she heard about it through the band Logos, and her friend Cullen told her to email me. I remember being smitten with delight…


Local Produce: Episode 2 – Fivefold

Thursday, August 22nd at Pop’s I witnessed my first Fivefold experience, and it was literally just that — an experience. Not only was I watching them open up for 10 Years, a national rock band that we have played on KSHE many times, but I also got a chance to chill in their band-van, to…


Local Produce: Episode 1 – Logos

Logos have been a part of KSHE since 2008, so I knew they would be my first ‘victims’ of the interview process that is, Local Produce Section. They handle me and my questions just like they handle their venue’s audience…with grace. This band has been through bandmate trades, EP’s, LP’s and so much more. Here…


March Bandness – 2013

Sammy Hagar is your 2013 bracket champion


March Bandness – 2012

Rush is your 2012 bracket champion