Gary Owens

Name: Gary Owens From: Wood River, IL About Gary: Gary has been listening to KSHE since 1977. His brothers were several years older than him, and he...

KSHE Court: The Elderly.

Today's BURNING question has to do with elderly people. "Should you put the elderly out to pasture?" #What. THE KSHE COURT HAS SPOKEN!
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Slash confirms that Guns N’ Roses is making new music

Slash has confirmed that Guns N' Roses will start work on new music in the fall. Although he had previously said there was the potential...
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Roger Daltrey refuses to sign for autograph hounds

Roger Daltrey is staking a stand against the for-profit autograph hounds who sell the merch he's signed online. A message was posted on Daltrey's official...
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Yes ’50 Live’ concert set coming in August

Coming on August 2nd is the new concert set, Yes: 50 Live. The collection was captured during Yes' 2018 tour, and features a newly created...
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Flashback: The Beatles begin recording ‘The White Album’

It was 51 years ago today (May 30th, 1968) that The Beatles began recording their 30-song self-titled double album, which is commonly known as "The...

Chris Jackson-Wade

Name: Chris JacksonWade From: Wright City, MO About Chris: Chris has been a KSHE listener as long as she can remember Chris lives in Wright City with...

Favazz interviews Sammy Hagar

KSHE Court: Elderly Parking Spots

Today's BURNING question has to do with elderly people and where they should be able to park. 'Should there be elderly parking spots?'  THE KSHE...
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Ozzy Osbourne regrets Bill Ward not appearing on final Black Sabbath tour

Ozzy Osbourne now says that founding drummer Bill Ward should have been part of Black Sabbath's final tour. Ward was initially part of the Sabbath...
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The ‘Crosby, Stills, & Nash’ album turns 50

It was 50 years ago today -- May 29th, 1969 -- that the self-titled debut album by Crosby, Stills, & Nash was released. The supergroup,...
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David Gilmour announces new podcast

David Gilmour has announced a three-episode-show titled, The David Gilmour Podcast, which premieres on Friday (May 31st), across all major streaming platforms. Gilmour's official website...
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Metallica frontman rocks out to Motörhead in Memorial Day video

Metallica shared a video on Instagram over the weekend of frontman James Hetfield rocking out and singing along to Motörhead's classic song "Ace Of Spades"...
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Eddie Money to undergo heart procedure this week

Eddie Money is undergoing heart valve surgery this week. Best Classic Bands reported "Money made his 28th consecutive Memorial Day Weekend appearance to kick off...