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Terry Seckel

Name: Terry SeckelFrom: St. Louis, MO      Works at: Terry works for the Saint Louis County Government.Terry has been listening to KSHE since he was 5 or 6...

Steve Vincent

Name: Steve Vincent From: Chesterfield, MO      Works at: Steve works from home, so he listens ALL the time! Steve has been a devoted KSHE listener for 35+...

Michael Puettmann

Name: Michael Puettmann From: Maryland Heights, MO  Works at: Michael works on the Landing.  Michael has been listening to KSHE since the mid-80s.Michael likes KSHE for rockin' in the morning...

David Hagelstein

Name: David HagelsteinFrom: Manchester, MOWorks at: David works at LM2 Resource Solutions as a Recruiter. He finds Press Operators jobs all over the United State. He listens all...

Local Produce: Episode 6 – Gavin M

Gavin McNutt, known this past show as quite simply, ‘Gavin M.’ is looking for people to play music with. A man of many acts before...

Local Produce: Episode 5 – Pirate Signal

The only show I have seen at the Demo in the Grove was Vintage Trouble. That night, they sold out the small and yet acoustically-sensational...

Local Produce: Episode 4 – Old Salt Union

The Old Salt Union is a band from Bellevegas, IL -- they know all the bars I like going to, and they are fun people...

Local Produce: Episode 3 – Glass Cavalry

About a year and half ago, I had the idea for the Local Produce Section, and one of the first emails I received was from...

Local Produce: Episode 2 – Fivefold

Thursday, August 22nd at Pop's I witnessed my first Fivefold experience, and it was literally just that -- an experience. Not only was I watching...

Local Produce: Episode 1 – Logos

Logos have been a part of KSHE since 2008, so I knew they would be my first 'victims' of the interview process that is, Local...

March Bandness – 2013

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March Bandness – 2012

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March Bandness – 2011

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March Bandness – 2010

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