Real Rock Museum: U-Man Wing


The KSHE 95 "U-Man Wing” is a toast to this 40+ year KSHE air talent. 40+?!?!?! No typo, here! John shares all kinds of things including favorite albums, favorite songs and a bunch of memories. John doesn't want anybody to be uncomfortable while looking at all this cool stuff, so if you need to "GO", click HERE.


U-Man’s Favorite Memories

U-Man’s Favorite Memories … In No Particular Order


U-Man’s Favorite Albums

U-Man’s Favorite Albums … In No Particular Order


U-Man’s Favorite Songs

U-Man’s Favorite Songs … In No Particular Order – Enjoy a Video of Each


U-Man’s 40th Anniversary Broadcast

Photos from U-Man’s 40th Anniversary broadcast


Get to know The U-Man

Check our our gallery and get to know The U-Man