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Real Rock Cafe

By KSHE 95 | January 9, 2017
Bob & Tom Billboard

William Boards

By KSHE 95 | January 9, 2017
Right To Rock Rally Stage

Right to Rock Rally

By KSHE 95 | April 12, 1990
Where’s O’KSHE?

Where’s O’KSHE?

By KSHE 95 | March 14, 1987
kite-fly_cdb-1975_3 100601

KSHE Kite Fly with Charlie Daniels Band & Rush

By KSHE 95 | April 13, 1975

  Mark Klose recalls … the year before we had around 40,000 people at the KSHE Kite Fly. We returned to Aviation Field in Forest Park in 1975 with Charlie…

KSHE Kite Fly with KISS

KSHE Kite Fly with KISS

By KSHE 95 | March 29, 1974

To St. Louis’ law enforcement and the mayor’s office, odd developments in the good part of town must have seemed ominous. A peaceful rebellion, armed with kites and marijuana, had…

With Sweetmeat 99143

Shelley Grafman

By KSHE 95 | November 7, 1967