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Where was Lern? (September 2017 edition)


Every year Tim and I take a road trip to a place we’ve never been to together for our anniversary. Next year we are planning a really big trip, and so this year we played it low key: Riot Fest in Chicago with a quick trip to Milwaukee to visit some friends.

Technically, we are doing a camping trip for our actual anniversary… later this fall… but that’s going to also be low key. (Year three’s anniversary tradition is WOOD.. so take that how ever you want.) haha

Anyway, we left on Friday to drive up to Chicago. As Tim drove, I followed the coverage of the Stockley case with a heavy heart. Our city is so rightfully divided right now. As I kept up with the coverage all weekend my anxiety went through the roof… for the businesses, people and reputation for St. Louis.

Going to Riot Fest in Douglass Park was pretty interesting. We went solely to see NIN, as they headlined. I ate good local food and bought A Star Wars poster for my best friend, Chelsea. (I’m the bad friend for missing her festivities). After the Fest, we had no luck Uber-ing back downtown so we took a $50 cab ride. (No wonder people Uber!)

We crashed at Palmer House.

Saturday, we woke up and drove to Schaumburg to see my old friends Kate and John for breakfast. Then we left for Milwaukee to stay with friends, Ben and Sophia. They lived in Bayview, WI which is somewhere I could move to in the future. Great houses, Lake Michigan and fun people! My first trip into downtown Milwaukee to Ben’s bar – Pourman’s!  This is where my husband and his college friends road trip to each year for the very sexist, “boys trip.” (Kidding…)

After drinking for free, and seeing as many hoochie 21 year old people as I could handle, we left to go sleep around 2am.

Sunday we woke up, went to breakfast and then headed home.

Fun fact: unless I’m driving, I’m asleep on road trips. I get bored, nauseous or annoying so it’s the best option for people in the car with me!

Glad to be home. Hoping to add to the Peace back here with everyone. We have a lot of work to do.


Much love.


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