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Weekend Update: October 23rd, 2017

Haunts, Pickleball, Katy Perry and cats.


John’s Weekend: 

Friday, after Party Town in Germantown Ill., I met our stadium scoreboard team from Busch Stadium for a golf tournament at Gateway National Golf Course and finished 1 over. Played poorly but we scrambled to a respectable score and we had a great time. Then I immediately rushed to the Jefferson Cournty YMCA in Festus to play in a mixed doubles pickleball tournament with my wife Ruth and won the silver medal!


Saturday night I played in the Festus tournament in the men’s doubles with Bob Burch and we were on our way to the gold medal but had to forfeit it for business reasons. After that I rushed down to Lucas Grill on Washington Ave. for the surprise 50th Birthday party for Lou Barrelle. A great long time listener. His wife Andrea set that up and she did a great job on the party. Thank you Andrea.


Sunday my daughter Sophia had a soccer game and noon. It was cold, raining and very windy but I love watching her play. I love you Sophia! Thanks for reading this. John





Lern’s Weekend: 


After a fantastic on site edition of Party Town in Germantown, I headed home to hang with the homeless cat that we have acquired who we now love. Yes, we now have a cat. What started out as a fostering situation has turned into us now living with a crazy cat. Her name is Clover and she is a great little Tortoiseshell Cat. I have no idea how to be a cat owner, so I have been googling many things to try and understand why cats do the things they do. So far, all of our furniture is intact and she is fully updated on shots. Anyway, there was lots of hanging out with Clover and once Tim got home, we decided to go have dinner at the new location in Town and Country for Katie’s Pizza. Carl and his wife bought us a giftcard there for watching their guinea pig, Daisy and we so we finally got to use it. The food there is superb and it’s locally owned by Katie Collier.

Once we finished dinner, Tim went home to finish our dining room table he is building and I had a spooky drive out to Cobb Factory in Old Monroe for my remote. I enjoyed walking through the haunted house with our promotions  guy, Max and Mak from the Point. I think I screamed enough to make them both deaf (this is what happens when I walk through these things.) Big thank you to Shanny for getting us in to experience the terrifying place! I was impressed with their new location (just south of where they were) and I heard there could be expansion in the future.

When I finally got home, I stayed up late with Tim who was prepping for his long hours at the Moonlight Ramble.


Slept in a bit and then made Tim breakfast. He left for an event and then the Moonlight Ramble. I ran some errands and then went to my mom’s house to see my sister and then stopped by two Halloween parties my friends were throwing. My sister was home from college, so I was really excited to see her as much as I could this weekend.

I got home really late and Tim got home around 4:30a after the Moonlight Ramble. I feel like Tim and I have seen each other once in the last week with our work and life schedules.


Tim slept in and I got up to hang with Clover. Eventually, we went to lunch and then went to Lowe’s to get some supplies for the dining table. Once we got home, we watched Baby Driver, finally, and then I made dinner for us.

Pretty chill weekend full of good stuff. I’m grateful. 


Carl’s Weekend: 

Friday: lots of birthdays (& birthday celebrations) that day. Started with Lunch for Mark Miller from Channel 4 at Snax Grubhouse. Then dinner with my in laws to celebrate my daughter’s birthday at Sam’s Steakhouse where I had something I’ve never had before: Fried Lobster. Then to LoRusso’s for a drink with Birthday girl Terri LoRusso. Then more celebrating with Thom & KSHE Ken at the Geyer Inn. We next met the Bennetts at Sportsman’s Park where we said happy birthday to Ian. 

Saturday: Woke early to celebrate the grand opening of Academy Sports + Outdoors (see photos at the website) then I prepared my vinyl for my spinning at Highway 61 roadhouse and kitchen in Webster. It used to be a Streetside Records where I bought all my old vinyl. I had a great time. It was fun. People wanted me to play more KSHE Klassics. After that was finished, I want to Weber’s Grill to watch the rest of the hockey game with Thom. 

Sunday: Went to my remote at Twin Peaks in Maplewood. That was a great time. Thanks to everyone who came out. Then volleyball where my daughter’s team won five of six sets. After dinner at Guido’s, went to Katy Perry with 8 adults (only 2 men) & 4 teenage girls. I came home and there was a giant card for my birthday in the front lawn! 

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