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Weekend Update: November 20th, 2017

Pizza, Cats and PTMFUS


John’s Weekend: 

Friday night, most of my family and I had all you can eat crab legs in a restaurant at one of the area casinos. I’m not a gambler but I will occasionally go to one of their restaurants for this feature. I ate 13 clumps of crab legs, down from 15 a couple of weeks ago. 13 clumps equals to 6 and a half crabs. I think I’m done with crab legs for a while.

Saturday did a workout in advance of Sunday’s big Pickleball tournament and Sunday my men’s partner Bob Burch and I finished 2nd out of 3 teams for a garbage silver medal, THEN, Bob and his mixed doubles partner Susie defeated Ruth and I for the gold medal out of 5 teams. We got another garbage silver medal. I’ll be throwing them in the Missouri river later today. Also, last night most of my family and I went to Imo’s for dinner and my pineapple and mushroom large pizza with very lite cheese which really wasn’t as lite as I really wanted it featured the smallest slice of pizza ever seen. Check out the photo. We then delivered a washer and dryer to my daughter Olivia’s apartment. Thank for reading this. Uman


Lern’s Weekend:


My weekend started early on Thursday night when I went to Lady Gaga with my mom, my best friend, Chelsea and workmate, Christine from NOW96.3. We had a great time – we had floor seats and the show was phenomenal! This was the third time I have seen her and she’s still got it. I got home very late and was exhausted!


I woke up and listened to the show while I ate my breakfast…got to hear the epic fail of Party Town where John accidentally hit the wrong button and ended everything. It was fun to listen to…I get it why people listen. J Tim left for work and I hung out with Clover cat majority of the day. After Tim got home, I made homemade Manicotti and we had ourselves a nice dinner at home.


I tried to sleep but I couldn’t…I needed to wake up and try to get Electric Light Orchestra tickets, which I did get but not for the Madison Square Garden show…I bought them for the Chicago show. The MSG show was driving me crazy online because it said all of the ticket options I wanted were gone. Frustrated, I bought Chicago as a back up… I may end up selling these if I get tickets to MSG at a later time but we will see… I really wanted to make this part of our NYC trip next year. SAD!

Tim worked all day, so I did some grassroots work for voters. Felt good making sure were aware of their upcoming elections.

My friends were hosting a Friendsgiving in Belleville but I didn’t feel like going…around this time of the year I get kind of weird because of a self-diagnose ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder.’ So I stayed low key for the night.


My sister, my mom and our hair stylist, Kelly came over to cut my sister’s hair while she was home from college. I made some homemade breakfast bread and we all had coffee. Tim raked our leaves and then I got bored throughout the afternoon…we ended up going to Target to get some things and then came home to watch, ‘Get Out’.

I fell asleep fast and then up again at 4am. 


Carl’s Weekend: 

Friday: after the show we had no bread at home, & instead of going to the store I got lunch at Mom’s Deli. I was going to stay home Friday night alone because my girls were hosting a Bouncing Brownie event for the Girl Scouts, but at the last minute I got an invitation to the 3rd annual ALS Ice Bucket challenge at the Coronado. I saw Bernie Federko (from the Blues) , Dan Gray (from Channels 2 & 11), Cindy Presler (formerly of Channel 5), John Mozalek (from the Cardinals) and Ryan Keeley (from Keeley construction) get dunked with ice water and raise more than $100k in charity for ALS research. 


Saturday: After I helped my girls get out the door for their weekend in Branson / Silver Dollar City, I headed downtown for the rescheduled Alzheimer’s Walk. We did all the ceremonies, but when it was time to walk it was thundering & lightning, so the walk was postponed again. Although, they did announce that the walk raised more than a million dollars and broke into the top ten of the nation. Next, it was off to my friend Thom’s 50th birthday party. We started with dinner at Guido’s on the Hill, then went to the “Venue that will not be named” to see The Urge. Even not driving this time, I cannot even explain my displeasure in that place. It hate it more and more. I’ve now been forced to go there 2x since my car was stolen & each time was worse than the last – and I was a performer one of those times. It’s the place, some of the people there, the sound in the building isn’t that great, etc… I might get in trouble for this, but yuck. Just, yuck. The show itself was good and the people I was with and those I saw at the venue were great. After the show, I got a ride home. Shockingly, the cars in our party were still there and not broken into either a even though we parked in the lot as the scene of the crime.


Sunday, Since it was a nice day, I put up some Christmas decorations – but did not turn them on yet. I did more house work. I then got Lern some new wiper blades on her car. (Ya know, the day after it rained all day!) I had dinner at Cousin Hugo’s getting the Carl the Intern special for the 1st time in a while. Thanks to Misty for serving me & talking to me. (That’s Chicken Wings – all drummies and trashed fries. Ask for it in Maplewood- it’s an off the menu special. Colin is the best making them, too.)