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Weekend Update: November 13th, 2017

Stories, Cats and LogJammin'


John’s Weekend: 

Friday I had a great time at Stories From The Window II. It was so much fun meeting many of our longtime listeners who are the reason Kshe is still rockin!

Saturday afternoon and evening I spent time with the Hero’s of the Day at the Budwieser Biergarten. We gave away great prizes from AB and Kshe and I met Dave Rhodes who works at the Star Shop craft brewery and he brewed the numerous flavors of beer that represented each branch of the military. I was one of the taste testers of Dave’s work and the stout was the winner. Dave gave me and my wife Ruth an quick tour of the little craft brewery inside the gigantic buildings of the AB complex. It was a great night.

Sunday morning I ran THE FASTEST 5K I’ve run in a year. 25:50. Thanks for reading this. Uman

Lern’s Weekend: 


After another wonderful KMRS tour broadcast in Shrewsbury, I headed out to lunch with the guys and our big boss, Rick Cummings at the Webster Groves Imo’s. We chatted about the year KSHE is having and just visited with him. Rick lives in California, so we rarely get to see him but maybe three times a year. He’s a smart dude and I like talking radio with him.

Once home, my friend Kristi came over to pick up our dining room table that we were donating to veterans courtesy of the company she works for. She was out making deliveries to different people promised things that her work helps with. We were happy to donate the old table to someone who may love it like we did. Tim has been building me a new table (husband of the year award!) and so that is almost complete. I need to find some new chairs to go along with the new table…we will getting those this week. In the meantime, Clover the cat is thoroughly enjoying the open space off of our living room. I swear she’s half-dog because she plays ‘fetch’ with her chew toys.

After Tim got home, I was almost ready to head down to the Pageant for ‘Stories From the Window II’ which was so much fun. Thank you to everyone who came down to listen to a bunch of DJs talk inside stories…it was like a roast, too. I have heard almost every story that was told – except for the Ken Suitter Grandma story and the Favazz story about partying with David Lee Roth. It was fun! I also enjoyed meeting so many new listeners.

We left around 12a and I was exhausted. I didn’t nap, because I didn’t have time and so when that happens I am pretty useless on Fridays. Also, Tim said I was giggling in my sleep…so that’s scary/good.


Slept in but finally got to it – I needed to run some errands like taking back a really cute jumpsuit to Nordstrom’s that didn’t fit me right and then grocery shopping. I called my buddy, Scott and had our weekly chat (he lives in Vermont) that we have missed the last couple of weeks. It’s always nice to have that time in between talking so that we can catch up on life.

When I got home, Tim was staining our table and he went a little crazy with the stain-gun. I was laughing at him because he rarely gets ‘out of control’ but this was something he couldn’t control…there was stain EVERYWHERE. Haha! The table looked great, though.

I rearranged our office because this great vintage chair we have needed to be moved out of the dining room for this table. So I put on ‘Woodstock’ on vinyl and moved everything around. I really like it better now. I am big fan on Feng Shui, and the way this office was set up, we never worked in there. It was a useless room. Now, I am typing in here and getting things done! SCORE! We still need to hang some photos, though.

We stayed home and had tacos, then tried not to fall asleep through Rooney Mara’s ‘Ghost Story’ which had a great idea behind it but they made the movie too slow and not as explanative as they should have, in my opinion. It was just okay… don’t buy it! Wait for it to be on HBO during a freeview.

Then we went to sleep early (how lame is my life, I mean really?) I was tired as hell! My cat, Clover loves to sleep around my neck like a cat scarf and she and I were dozing off on the couch, when Tim was ready to sleep, too. We went to bed at 10p.


Another lounge-fest! I had to drop Tim off at an event for his station and so I came home, put on Planet Earth and again, slept my way into the afternoon like a total lazy bum. I guess I really needed rest. I love being asleep, though. I am HUGE advocate for people getting enough rest to recharge and not feeling bad about it. At least, most of you don’t have a radio show to do where you’re expected to be this entertaining person with a wild life…or at least that’s the type of lifestyle I think people expect out of most of us…anywho, I am not like that most of the time. In reality, I love being at home and resting.

Anyway, now I am recharged and ready to kick everyone’s ass on the radio this week. So get ready!!! 

Carl’s Weekend: 


After our amazing Veterans broadcast at American Legion Post 111, we had lunch with our bosses Rick & Rick at The Imo’s in Webster Groves. I went home & took a nap before I had to take my girls to the MAC downtown for Cotillion. Then it was Stories from the Window 2.  I first met the Mighty Favazz for dinner at Chinese Noodle. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to Stories 2. It was a very fun night. I only wish I could have seen some of the music. 

Saturday: I woke (not as late as I would have wanted) and became a chauffeur for First Lego League. After chauffeur duties we complete I went to Military night at the hockey game. (The military salutes and the pre-game ceremonies were the only memorable things about the evening.) 


I went to Twin Peaks in Maplewood to enjoy the scenic views. Then I was a chauffeur again, this time for Robotics Team. For dinner my family made a big bowl of chili and we enjoyed it. 


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