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Weekend Update: March 20th, 2017

NCAA Wrestling, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Rest in Peace Chuck Berry


Uman's Weekend:

I laid low all weekend after having a medical procedure done on Friday.

However, I did attend the funeral of the son of a co-worker at Busch Stadium. My heart is so sad for Matt Nixon and his entire family. Ryan was a talented musician so his friends provided some amazing music for the funeral and it was very touching.  My thoughts are with you Matt.

Also on Sunday, my mother, my wife and 2 of my daughters and I made a bunch of great Lebanese food. Special stuff for sure. Some day I'm gonna mass produce that food and make millions upon millions of dollars. 


Lern's Weekend:


After another successful day of work, I came home to get ready for 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' at Powell Hall. I bought these tickets for Tim this past Valentine's Day. The St. Louis Symphony played the score live as we watched Indiana Jones battle Nazis. It was really cool! We had dinner at the diner next to the Fox and saw many people we knew before the show. Driving the Lexus IS300 is fun because of the looks your get in it! Thanks, Mungenast! I feel like a baller. 

Afterward we went to Side Project Cellar for a delicious beer and I broke my glass on the bar. We left after that. 


Slept in and made breakfast for Tim. We finally got around to our day of errands around noon. For me, I needed to stop by Michaels for paint markers and ended up walking out of there with everything I needed to start my nephew's and niece's Easter baskets. I love making baskets for people! When I open my B&B I'll have welcome baskets for my guests. I also needed to get new facial creams so I stopped by Macy's for them; followed by getting my brows and mustache threaded off at Perfect Browz in Valley Park (they do it the best!); then grocery shopping. As I was shopping my friend Leah called to invite us out to eat at Edgewild in Chesterfield because my friends' Josh and Megan were in town. We found out Chuck Berry passed away and it was really a life sucker… I deflated for the rest of the night, personally. 

We had an early dinner and then Tim and I went to "The Future Party" with my friends in Belleville. 

This is a party we have had planned on Facebook for literally THREE YEARS. Lots of glow sticks.

We got home around midnight. 


Slept in! Watched CBS Sunday Morning and did some lazy stuff around the house for the rest of the day. 

Good weekend! 


Carl's Weekend: 

Friday & Saturday:

Spent all day and night at NCAA Wrestling D1 at Scottrade Center.  On Friday, I played nothing but Irish music.  Saturday, MIZZOU was as high as 4th place, but ended in 5th.  Penn State had half of the National Champions, but at least MIZZOU had one champion and two second place finishers.  There were more than 118,000 people attending during the course of the weekend, tying St. Louis for second overall in attendance for the history of NCAA Wrestling.

Also on Saturday, during the break between matches, I ran over to the radio station and hosted my award-nominated Entertainment Rundown with Rachel, where I reported my friend Jennifer meeting and singing with Josh Gad at a Beauty & the Beast screening. 


After I slept in I attended the St. Louis Film Critics Association meeting at Three Kings Pub in the Loop.  Afterward, I stopped by to pay my respects to the Chuck Berry statue.  It was very crowded with fans taking selfies and leaving flowers. Stopped at P.F. Chang's for dinner on the way home.