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Weekend Update: January 14th, 2019


Uman’s Weekend:

Friday night stayed home with family, played scrabble while also repairing the kitchen lights switches with guidance from my brother Jim who was on the phone.

Saturday I got up early to shovel my driveway and parking pad so Abigail could go to work only to find out her work place didn’t open because of the weather. Oh well, got in a decent 1 hour workout. Rest of the day watched football with family and burnt a ton of firewood.

Sunday cleared off Sophia’s car so she could go to work and she DID have to go to her job. Also shoveled the rest of the property. Another decent 1 hour workout. Went to lunch at my daughters place of business then took the family to dinner Sunday evening after watching a lot of football. Thanks for reading this if you did. Uman Sent from my iPhone

Lern’s Weekend:


I decided to not run some errands before I went home and boy did I make the right choice. Thankfully, I went home instead of into the city. The roads were nightmares. And watching it all from my home gave me anxiety… my heart was stressed for all the people going through it.

Tim got home early, too (thanks John K!) and we decided to have a low key weekend snowed in. We had a fire and I fell asleep watching Wanderlust.


Woke up to make breakfast and Tim was shoveling our driveway. I love him so much for all the hard work he endured while I’m making cinnamon rolls.

Then more fires and movies!

I fell asleep early on the couch watching Planet Earth with Tim.


Finally we could leave the house!

Tim dropped me off at my nail salon and went to the Outdoor Expo and then picked me up after I got some much needed work done.

Then we ate lunch at Whole Foods before meeting up with my BFF Chelsea at Side Project Brewery.

Afterwards, we went to Marshall’s for a couple of things and then home!