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Weekend Update: February 20th, 2018

Dennis DeYoung, Vacuums and Killer Cats


Lern’s Weekend:


After work, I came home to nap because I was exhausted for some reason. I lied in bed but couldn’t really get anywhere – I hate that! I never napped but I did get ready for my HOT date with Tim to go see our friend, Tom Huck’s ‘Electric Baloneyland’ opening at the Duane Reed Gallery. I have known Huck since working at KSHE and we have bonded over talking music and this radio station’s history. I also ADORE his woodcuts and general IDGAF attitude. He’s one of the sweetest people I know and yet one of the most honest. Someone go buy his art! : )

Once we were done taking in the art, Tim and I called over to ‘Olio’ to see if we could sneak in. This is another restaurant I have been curious about and after we ate at Nixta over winter break, I wanted to see what this place was all about (it’s across the street). It was DELISH! If you are a fan of Israeli cuisine you will enjoy it very much. I highly recommend the hummus, their bread and the root vegetable rice dish. Holy cow.


Slept in (sort of…we live with an Alarm Cat who wakes up, literally, at 5a every day and wants to play – I have to get up and throw her out because she’s biting my throat trying to kill me…. #cats)

In the afternoon Tim and I volunteered for the Special Olympics at the East Regional Basketball tournament at the Orchard Farm School District. This was my first time scorekeeping for a basketball game and I did my best! I really enjoyed watching these players – much love for the game!

When we got home, we made dinner and then passed out early.


Again, tried to sleep in.

Then I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a new vacuum. This was a really exciting purchase for me because I have never owned an expensive one…and I have been going back and forth for months about which brand I trusted the most. The reviews on my Shark were better for what I needed – something to pick up as much dust and pet hair as possible. 

I got home, set it up and used it and HOLY CRAP! You would have thought I never cleaned my damn floors…this thing lifted up everything. I was disgusted and impressed at the same time! LOL

Tim had a basketball game, so I made dinner and hung out with Clover.


I really got to finally sleep in because Tim got up with the devil cat and went downstairs. I was THANKFUL! It was raining and all gross, so it was perfect sleep weather.

Once I got up, we ate breakfast and then went to an early class for Crossfit.

Then we went to the new Hoods location in Fenton and found more options for our bathrooms… this is taking literally forever to decide on but we think we have it nailed down. We found out that we are going to have to re-tile all three, so it’s going to be quite the experience.

Later, Tim made dinner while I yelled at the tv at the Bachelor. I hate this show but I can’t look away.

Good weekend!


Carl’s Weekend: 

Friday: for the 2nd day in a row I had lunch with my friend John John from Live Nation. We went to La Pizza in U City. Then home to prepare for a long night at River City. There were nine of us (supposed to be ten – U-Man!!!) me, Aleda, Thom, Jimmy, Lynn, Paul, Mack, Tim & Tim. We had dinner at the beer house, saw Dennis DeYoung & then went “dancing” while we waited for our wives to pick us up.


Saturday: slept as late as I needed before I stopped at Best Buy & got my daughter the laptop computer she bought with her own money. That evening I headed to the charity auction & dinner for Ride On Saint Louis where I served as the MC for the evening. Many listeners came up & said, “hello.” Music was by Billy Burnett & the STL Union All Stars. I sat with my former boss from the Dome, Jim Delaney & current boss at Scottrade Center, Chris’s Frome (& his lovely wife, Sheila). Chris won an auction item of Three Stooges beer. It was 20 years old – actually from 1998. We mistakenly tried it. Yuck.


Sunday: Took it easy & saw my friend Jack on the latest Walt Disney World video for Toy Story Land. Also saw & heard Saint Louisan Steve Schlanger (“the Sports Monster”), calling the cross country skiing.


Monday: woke up after our show would have been over and did nothing I was supposed to do while my wife was at work. Thus I was dragged to Target to help keep the house clean with laundry soap & swiffer sheets.


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