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Weekend Update: December 19th, 2016

Various Celebrations & Staying Warm in Bad Weather


U-Man’s Weekend:

Tried to stay out of the cold as much as possible. Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

The subdivision Christmas Party was Saturday night Very low attendance. I guess for some people it was even too cold and slippery to attend a party around the corner or down the street. None the less, met some newer neighbors and had a nice time.

Lern’s Weekend: 

Friday: At last minute at work, I decided I wanted to try and get a ticket to El Monstero. Tim was working late and I stayed home all week without any social activity with people (this isn't rare) and I wanted to go out and be seen! So, I made an elaborate game plan with Favazz that he and I would have dinner beforehand if I could find a ticket… then the damn weather went to sh*t somewhere between my nap and shower… literally everyone from my husband to my mom was texting me about "staying home." I was determined to get cute and get to the Pageant… but since now even Favazz was saying how bad out it was getting, I decided to go fill up with gas to see just how difficult these roads were being. Sadly, everyone was right. I decided not to go. However, I was near the Fenton Hot Shots and decided to go get dinner and a beer by myself. It took me an hour to get a half mile. What a sh*tshow. Once I got to Hot Shots, I almost fell down in the parking lot, but once I got inside everyone had the same plan: we don't want to drive in this crap and we want to welcome the weekend! As I sat alone near the bar, a listener spotted me and then he and his work friends came over to talk. Shout out to Jake, Kent and Nate! Great guys — electricians for a local company. I ate a salad with hot wings and we drank a couple beers while I talked to them about "Right To Work." I hear what the republican talk show hosts in our building thinks about it but I hadn't talked to anyone actually in a union about it. Very eye-opening and interesting. I like getting both sides of the conversation because people are usually crazy to only believe one side of things.

After a great and random hang out, I got Tim "The Woody Burger" (we know him) and I started on my voyage home… I almost spun out twice but I made it home in one piece (thank you, road gods!)

Saturday: I slept in until I had to get up for my Sprint remote in Sunset Hills. Mark Klose and a friend stopped by; my dear friend Jim Utz and an old director friend, Derek Elz. Everyone was out and about for different holiday reasons. A big thank you to listener, Margie for her gift–a candle that smelled like pine needles. I love candles and it was just too sweet of her to think of me. I've been burning it all weekend.

Something really odd happened to me while I was working though, I forgot a person I work with's name… Dustin! We have worked together for a couple years and I could remember everyone else's name… but when it was time for me to introduce him to my friend, I had a huge blank. This is unprecedented in my forgetfulness and it was VERY concerning to me. I got home and was pretty upset upon telling Tim. In the new year I want to look more into this. My dad died of brain cancer and my uncle died of a spontaneous tumor in his brain… so I am not messing with this.

After settling down, we decided to brave into Schnucks for food and firewood. We were staying in and staying warm. I couldn't help but think of anyone who was homeless and not able to be warm. We are so lucky to have what we have and I hope everyone else finds a way to be warm this season.

I made a shelled pasta with peas and a homemade Alfredo sauce along with a new recipe of "Leek and Scallion" Fritters with a lemon zest tangy sauce. They were extremely delicious! I am now a fan of leeks! Sunday
Slept in, Tim made us delicious French Toast. We watched SNL over breakfast before Tim headed over to a friend's house to help him move. As he was gone I decided to try my hand at baking homemade yeast bread. It turned out really good! I'm impressed with myself!

Afterward, we went to Cheesecake Factory to meet up with my family to celebrate my sister who is now 18-years-old. I hate that she's an adult now. It's beyond weird.

Overall, a warm, cozy, homemade weekend!

Carl the Intern’s Weekend: 

Friday: Had an amazing remote at Ruby's in Fairview Heights. We give away Star Wars stuff – it was great. Later that evening, we were trying to make our way by side streets in South Saint Louis to a 6 o'clock wedding in Des Peres. We arrived around 6:40 but they held the wedding off till 6:30 due to the weather. Congratulations to Frank and Cady Ladd!

Saturday: Had another award-winning Entertainment Rundown on our sister station. Then there were too many people dressed in red at the Blues game. After that I went to the home of Randy and Nina Liebler for their annual Christmas party. They always have reindeer games, this year was no different they were hanging from the ceiling and we shot them with Nerf guns. I then came home to four teenage girls having a slumber party at my house.

Sunday: After a big breakfast, I went to Scottrade Center to host a skating party for the Lady Cyclones. Santa Louie was there! Then we braved the cold and did the train ride at the holidays at union station. The elves on our train were wonderful!