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Weekend Update December 11, 2017

See what Uman, Lern, & Carl the Intern did over their weekends



Uman’s Weekend

Friday night went out with buddies Bob Burch, Joe Mason and Mike Schroeder. Hadn’t seen Mike in years and he brought with him great funny stories from Kshe’s Crestwood days and some interesting old photos including one taken of the Kshe softball team that played a game against the prisoners at the correctional facility in Pacific. We thought we were gonna die that day. Photo included in this blog.


Saturday and Sunday laid low and caught up on sleep.


Lern’s Weekend



After the blood drive I headed home to meet up with my friend, Kelly for some much needed touch ups to my hair. We added a little more blonde to the root and then chilled and talked about life.


Tim was working late, so I decided to take my cute new do to the store and get grocery shopping done early. As I was leaving Schnucks a male listener recognized me and stopped me. Turns out he was very sick with mumps and I backed away as fast as possible. He also blurred out the very rude question that no one should ever ask anyone, ever: “Are you pregnant?” Which is none of his damn business. I was dumbfounded by how ridiculous the whole scenario was.


I got home and cooked Tim a delicious dinner and then we watched “The Disaster Artist” Which wasn’t as great as I was hoping… I know this because I fell asleep.



Woke up early and thought it was Sunday… I was very confused. I got ready for my day early and went to finish up Christmas shopping. I also got a manicure (I’ve bit my nails down completely from anxiety, unfortunately) and I got my eyebrows threaded. I felt like a new woman!


I had a solo lunch at Whole Foods and then went on my merry way to Doctor John’s for my evening remote.


Tim met up with me at Prasino’s, which is a new place near the Ameristar. There’s a whole developed area south of 70 with all kinds of restaurant and nightlife. We had a great dinner — spicy lobster rolls, scallops and chorizo tacos for Tim.


Then we had dessert at home… now really, like mini Mrs. Callendar’s pies that are super addictive. Then I fell asleep with Clover laying on my face while watching The Office.


We don’t let the cat sleep with us usually because she’s a demon and we know she’s slowly figuring out how to murder us in our sleep.


I had a crazy wild dream about skyding with Steve Carrell, eating fruit dipped in cocaine with Steven Tyler and then I yelled at Jason Bonham. Weird stuff but VERY entertaining! I didn’t want to wake up… I will also let you know that I grilled ST about why Aerosmith hasn’t been through STL in so long.



Sunday Funday! Started out with vacuuming up the needles from our Xmas tree. I do this once a week, and then drinking beers at 4 Hands for their Holiday Bazaar and then watching the Chiefs game at the Post in Maplewood, followed by more beers at Side Project Cellar.


Carl The Intern’s Weekend


I came home from the Blood Drive. Thanks to everyone who came out to support it. It was off to dinner from Farotto’s with our friends the Vitale’s. We drove out to Augusta to the Daniel Boone Home & Museum. It was a perfect night – except for the cold, but the fires were nice. I don’t know how the settlers did it.



Saw the remake of Ferdinand in the morning. My review: It’s good for little kids. The afternoon was spent messing around with indoor Christmas Lights for the tree. The evening was spent at John Mineo’s in Town & Country for Thom & Wendy’s surprise birthday party. Afterwards, we drove to Guido’s on the Hill to take Miguel home.



The St. Louis Film Critics had their awards’ meeting. I voted along with the other top critics in the city.  The big winner in nominations was The Shape of Water – a film I really liked. It was then off to Scottrade Center for 1st Responders’ Night beginning with a Guns & Hoses hockey game. Just like last year at the Winter Classic, fire won handily, followed by Blues vs. Buffalo.

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