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Weekend Update: August 21st, 2017

Family, Picking Food and BYE Jerry Lewis.


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Lern’s Weekend: 


My in-laws were coming into town this weekend and so that meant I needed to do a deep clean to my house because it needed one! Everyone always gives me a hard time about how clean my house is but that’s just how I was raised…my grandma and my aunt had a really clean, neat way of keeping their houses and it rubbed off on me because my house is always in order. However, I know when it needs a deep clean and it did. We also had the windows open because our AC went out and needed to buy a new one, so we had to deal with that also. Luckily, we were able to get some FreeOn to hold us over until Tuesday when the new unit will be installed. After a grueling day, I watched Project Runway and fell asleep.


Woke up to have coffee with the neighbor cat on the porch and then ran some errands before my in-laws got to our house. Then we hung out at home until we went to eat at Pi in Kirkwood. Then we came back to watch The Founder on Netflix.


We hosted a BBQ with my husband’s whole family. Just lots of hanging out with the kids and eating a lot. Good little Sunday.  


Carl’s Weekend: 

Friday: After the Broadcast in Bonne Terre we all went back to the Kent lake house, took a nap & had lunch. We finished off those Guido’s Pizzas. We came back to the city & I headed to LoRusso’s to pick up a prize we will be giving away later. Then went to bed early because of the just going & going all day.

Saturday: Had a remote in Fairview Heights at the Green Forest Vapor and Coffee Shop. Thanks to all the listeners that came out to say hi. My daughter wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons (as seen in “Stranger Things”) So I pulled out my sets from the 1980s. I have the D&D set, the spy version, “Top Secret” & the Doctor Who version. The thing about these games is that there is a whole bunch of (boring) prep that is involved in creating the characters. So we did that for more than an hour and moved on to dinner. In the evening, the family wanted to watch the movie of the book my daughter just finished. So we watched the 1945 classic, “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” It is barely like the book.

Sunday: Woke & went apple, peach & veggie picking at Eckert Farms in Belleville with my family & my wife’s Grandfather. I saw some listeners there too. Came home & cleaned the guinea pigs’ cage. Yes, two cages, as we are watching Daisy’s boyfriend, Dudley for the weekend. The relaxed in front of the teevee with some Jerry Lewis comedy.