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Weekend Update: August 14th, 2017

Golf, River Rats and Laughs!


John’s Weekend: 

Baseball, Baseball, Baseball all weekend. 3 games and then home for pie while watching the PGA Championship tournament won by Justin Thomas. Got some good nights of sleep. Needed that. Thanks for reading. 

Lern’s Weekend: 


After work on Fridays I usually just relax and I did just that when I got off. I went home and crawled into bed for an after-work nap which lasted about two hours. Sleep is pretty fantastic and my bed is one of the most comfortable places on Earth. Tim got home and let me sleep and I love him very much for that, too. We didn’t have much to do except get packed and prep food for camping the next day. So we went to the store around 7pm and did our grocery shopping and food prep.


Woke up around 7:30a and got on the road to Ozark Outdoors Riverfront Resort to meet up with my friends, Chelsea, Rob, Kristi, Sean and Chris who were all camping there the night before. We all got together to do the tube loop. I highly recommend! I got completely wasted and had a really great time! Cooking on an open fire. I made BBQ chicken, veggies and cheesy potatoes! It was delicious! And then I made like a hundred s’mores. I make them differently than with graham crackers and chocolate…I get the Keebler Fudge Stripes cookies, roast marshmallows and then make them that way…it’s freaking delicious!

We were camping by the river, so Tim and I slept really well because of the water and nature noises. It was very cool, too, so the sleep was excellent! Just bundled up together as it cooled down…just perfection!


Woke up – NOT HUNGOVER – YAY! Got up around 6:30a, packed up and then got home with the whole day to get back on track with everything. It was gorgeous out, so I opened my windows. As I was making lunch I noticed two cat ears poking into the window from my front porch and it was my neighbor Mike’s cats, ‘Kee’ as we call him. He comes over almost daily to hang with me on my porch and I give him treats. So I pretty much share a cat with my neighbor – he seems cool with it. Haha! I truly adore this cat and I’m not even a cat person! He’s as big as a dog and he’s a sweetheart.

The night ended with me getting my nails done; grilling and then face-timing with my in-laws. I fell asleep watching Bill Maher in bed and then woke up to loud rain.


Carl’s Weekend: 

Friday: Had dinner at Grant’s Farm food truck night. All summer they have been open late on Fridays. This evening was World Elephant Day Eve & they had the park all decked out for it. They also had live music in the beer garden. After dinner, went down to Peabody Opera House to see a comedian Jim Jeffries. Someone brought two children with them, including a four-year-old. This was bad parenting. The child’s name was Genevieve but Jim kept calling her “Jenny” cause he couldn’t hear them yell it out. So every time he said something filthy, he addressed it to Jenny. Afterwords, people went to The Social House in Soulard because that’s where Jim said he was probably going to go because the girls were naked.

Saturday: Spent most of the morning at a swim meet. My kid rocked it. For dinner we went to Longhorn steak House with my friend Thom. He was asking about our former intern, Nick, because he is a fan of the Brown Squirrel dessert they have at John Mineo’s restaurant. So for dessert we went to Mineo’s and had the Brown Squirrel. We saw Nick & his mom, Cindy Mineo. We really enjoyed the Brown Squirrel. It was created at Tony’s restaurant downtown when grandpa Mineo used to work there. We want to thank & send well wishes to the Mineo family. For old times sake, Nick and I did a “Saquila Saturday.” It was very smooth.

Sunday: Woke up and watched “DuckTales” on Disney XD. It’s a reboot of the old show from the 80s. Starring Doctor Who David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck & lots of other famous people in the cast too. Then it was the “welcome back to school bash” at Amp Up in Manchester. After a lovely dinner created by my girls, I was forced to walk 2.5 miles around Francis Park as they were cleaning up from this weekend’s Grub & Groove. 


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