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KSHE Court: Woodstock

Today’s BURNING question has to do with the 50th anniversary of Woodstock and the plan of doing another one this year. ‘Should they do ANOTHER Woodstock?’ THE KSHE COURT HAS SPOKEN:

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KSHE Court: Government Shutdown Pay

Today’s BURNING question is about government shutdowns, as there is one still happening. ‘Should ALL members of government (from the TOP, down) not get paid during a shutdown, and make it non-retroactive?’  THE KSHE COURT HAS SPOKEN!

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KSHE COURT: Dog Poo vs. Random Trash Cans

Today’s BURNING question has to do with dog humans walking their dog, scooping up their poop and then possibly needing to disposing of it via whatever trash can may be on their walking route. “Should it be considered appropriate to dispose of bagged dog poo in a random stranger’s trash can?” THE KSHE COURT HAS…


Holiday Break Update: January 2nd, 2019

The KMRS was off from December 21 – January 2nd, so we have a lot to recap! Here’s a peak into what we did over our time off: Uman’s Break: This weekend included playing in a pickleball tournament Saturday morning with Lern’s husband Tim at Sunset Tennis Center. We lost the first game which put…

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KSHE Court: Canceling Christmas

Today’s BURNING question has to do with the idea of going on vacation during the holidays and not getting together with family…also known as, ‘canceling Christmas.’ “Should you go on vacation (without the entire family) during the Christmas break?” THE KSHE COURT HAS SPOKEN!


KMRS Year End Review: Our Personal Moments

The last day of the year for the show and we decided to look back on the fantastic moments this year brought to us on a personal level. We wish you all a Merry Holiday — however you celebrate! We thank you for liking our show. Uman’s Moments of 2018: Trip to Las Vegas with…

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KSHE Court: Delivery Driver Tips

Today’s BURNING question is in regards to this story: This is the busiest time of year for delivery drivers, and many people take the service for granted. Still, there are some who do not. Business Insider reports the wife of an Amazon Flex delivery man says he’s noticed two baskets placed on people’s doorsteps offering…


KMRS Year End Review: Morning Show Moments

As the year comes to an end, we look back at our favorite moments on the show. Uman’s Top Five KMRS Moments:  1.New York Trip JEFF LYNNE’s ELO. Including private jet flight home 2.Losing the exhibition Pickleball game to Favazz and Klose 3.Watermelon eating challenge 4.Being Slash for Halloween 5.Vice puts tongue to Bernie Federko’s…

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KSHE Court: Bad Gifts…

Today’s BURNING question is about the people who buy terrible gifts… what should be done?! ‘Should you break up with someone who buys you a bad gift?’ THE KSHE COURT HAS SPOKEN!


KMRS Year End Review: Best New Songs

As the year comes to a close, Uman and Lern like to reflect on the things that happened and NEW MUSIC definitely happened on KSHE. You maybe only heard these songs once a day, but nonetheless, they were new and they made it onto our airwaves. Here are the five new releases that were the…

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