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KMRS Weekend Update: November 21, 2016

Shep Gordon, The Urge, and so much more!


Lern's Weekend:

Tim and I went to the Jewish Community Center to hear Shep Gordon speak about his new book, 'They Call Me Supermensch' and get interviewed by KTRS's John Carney. What a delightful venue! I sat next to a wonderful older woman named Roberta and I think Tim and I were the youngest people in the room. I absolutely love old people and as I sat around the crowd I realized how much I miss my grandmas. Shep himself is 71 years old and has probably had a more interesting life than you and I combined.  He of course did a synopsis of his book and took questions from the crowd. I want to say that 95% of the people in there had not read the book — they definitely bought the book on their way out, though!

Afterward we met Shep and I got my book signed. I wish we could have asked him out to dinner or something but it didn't feel right. Maybe someday it will happen.

Once I absorbed enough, we left to go have a late dinner at Granite City Brewery. Great shrimp tacos and blueberry margherita!

We finished our night by laughing our asses off at SNL — God Bless Alec Baldwin and Kristen Wiig!

I woke up a little before 7am for some strange reason and couldn't fall back to sleep. I then woke my husband up to go for a walk around 8:30. It was a cold two miles! Finally it feels like November — I'm thankful!

At noon I met up with my cousins at Cafe Osage for our annual Grandma Imogene Brunch where we honored her 93rd birthday with great memories of her and family time.

Once that was over I headed home to grab Tim and go to IKEA to looo for a new tv stand because we bought a new TV! Our basement is finally coming together!

Finally, I did laundry and relaxed.
Ready for a two day work week!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Carl's Weekend:

Friday: I first came downtown for the Holidays at Union Station & rode the train to the North Pole to see Santa Claus. After the train ride was over I headed to the Pageant to see The Urge with John John from Live Nation. Thanks to our boss we sat in the Point box to watch the show.

Saturday: I produced my award-winning radio show The Entertainment Rundown on our sister station then went to the hockey game. We won! I went back to The Pageant to meet my some of my friends who were all at night two of The Urge. After the show we went to Llewellyn's in Webster and closed it down. Thanks to Mike, Andrew, Matt, Brian, Brent, the Thom Messmer crew and the couple who have a little boy who looks like a young Boba Fett for the good time.

Sunday: You might ask how I could go out partying every night this weekend? My wife and daughter were out of town making Lebkuchen German Christmas cookies. Before they came home I thought I would try to do something productive. So I took out (a/k/a destroyed) our back steps and then found out that I could not replace them without help. This after I went to the hardware store three times. By the time I figured this out it was 4pm, I was losing daylight & they were headed home. So for now we have to take out our trash via the front door.

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