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Holiday Weekend Update: January 3, 2017

Family Time, Holiday Parties, El Monstero, New Years Eve, NHL Winter Classic


John’s Holiday:

Friday night I began my New Year weekend off with a 2 hour visit to State Street Bar and Grill in Jerseyville Ill. I had a great time meeting many of your listeners and that's always a fun thing to do. Thanks to Todd the owner for having me there.

New Year's Eve was spent at a party at neighbor's Al and Joyce Hirabayashi home. Great party. Then we headed down to the Pagaent to see some of the El Monsterro show and to go on stage to kick off the 50th year of Kshe.

Monday I played tennis with an old Kshe-ite, Bob Burch. He then talked me into joining his tennis league. Later that night I took my youngest daughter Sophia to see the movie Sing. 3.75 Uman's out of 5. Cute characters and a lot of good music.

Thanks, John


Lern's Holiday:

To be completely honest with you, I have no idea when I left work and started this long vacation. My extended vacation was filled with family, traveling, staying in bed and fireside drinking.

Some highlights from this staycation included:

– being invited by my friend Kelsie to El Monstero — sold out second show! We had a blast just being two chicks in the pit!
– my husband and I drove to Alba, MO to visit my brother-in-law's family at their farm. I fed cows by hand, I fed chickens, gathered eggs and got some much needed quality time with my niece and nephews. It was super fun! We had Christmas for Tim's side there. We are spoiled in love from our family through their gifts and thoughtfulness.
– we get back home and literally hibernate with homemade food, fires in the living room and lots of bed time. 😉
– I re-started GIRLS on HBO because it's coming back for a final season in February.
– I had $1,000 in repairs for my Malibu. I should have just bought a new car, sadly.
– my family came over for a dinner and movie with Christmas gift exchange! It was very fun.
– I went to John's house for a nice dinner.
– we went to Remedy Massage to get end of the year massages!
– I stayed the night at Carl's house after getting too drunk to get home after NYE and it was super fun having a sleepover! Thankful again to his hospitality and his wife for her pajamas.
–  NYE dinner with Favazz and his beautiful wife Melody.
-Tim and I had a three way kiss at midnight with a girlfriend of mine. (Ow ow!)

In a word, the end of my 2016 was the best part. I am energized and excited for 2017 — lots of things happening for the better and lots of things to work on to get us to another trip around the sun.

Happy New Year! Lern


Carl’s Holiday: 

I had a good holiday break. For a holiday I worked way too much: Two episodes of the Entertainment Rundown, three hockey games (four if you include the Alumni Game), four prep days at Busch Stadium and many holiday parties, including El Monstero (twice!).