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LPS presents: Devon Allman

Bringing the Blues back to St. Louis one show at a time


I remember the first time I met Devon Allman. It was KAMP KSHE at Camp Zoe in 2009 (this was before the feds came in and overtook the land). Devon was our headliner on the first night and I could not believe I was meeting someone related to the Allman Brothers – Gregg Allman’s son, nonetheless! The fact that he looks so much like his uncle, Duane is eerie in a good way but even better was how he played—he has his own, friendly style that really resonated with me and the crowd that night — some seeing him for the first time, also.

On a cool, perfect summer night, I sat on the side of the stage with our KSHE crew just blown away by what was happening. From there, I was hooked. As the years passed, I would meet up with friends to catch Devon at the Shanti in Soulard (RIP), see him play at the Pageant or whatever local establishment he would book next. It always made for a good time no matter what the venue. His original music is enriched with the blues he grew up loving and the covers he will do during a live show will give you chills. ‘The boy can PLAY!’ is what you will hear while sitting amongst a crowd during one of his sets.

What is truly astounding about Devon Allman is the fact that he has this famous connection to music and yet, never really used it to his full advantage, like so many people would. He’s carved his own path in the music scene – especially the St. Louis local scene and he deserves his sole recognition for that.

It only made sense that we cover his career on the LPS. He’s a local favorite and even though he has lived many places, he considers St. Louis his home. I think we are all happy to claim him. This episode was filmed at the Bottleneck Blues Bar at the Ameristar Casino during the Friday Night Blues on August 28th. I have to give him props for having a wireless guitar that night. The band started and as Devon walks out he didn’t just stand on stage, he walked through the crowd. This is a guy who isn’t afraid to get out there — he connects with the audience and what happens while he’s playing is nothing short of an experience. Go see him if you have yet to do so.


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His new record, Ragged & Dirty is in record stores now.