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Local Produce: Episode 9 – America’s Blues


Up until this point on the Local Produce Section we have covered local musicians and their bands. When a suggestion was given about a couple of guys from St Louis, who were making a film about the blues came across my ears, I thought, “Yeah…I’ll check this out.” And after a meeting about what it all means, I realized this story is one that needs to be told. After all, without the blues the genre and movement known as rock n’ roll would not exist.

As much as we want to ‘thank a Beatle’ all the time for good ol’ Rock n’ Roll, most fans know that before McCartney, there were men and women in an organic way creating a vibe, a noise and a rhythm that over time would move from the cotton fields of America into the clubs and then thankfully, onto a vinyl press and through a radio speaker.

The Blues genre has more artists than you and I could fathom. The vast resume of art spans back to a time before most of us were born, to a time where we couldn’t even understand. (Seriously, I tried to think of what it had to be like to not have this prerequisite of rock music in my life, and I just cannot imagine what that time would feel like) because music is our soul…it’s a moment in time. Good guitar, real lyrics and strong emotion were invented by the Blues – mainly because it was the first time in music history where a person had actual hardship, and a need to convey what the world could not – in only the way music can. We know that now.

So I met with Patrick Branson, the guy who has spent two years of his life traveling the nation to some of the biggest cities and smallest pits of towns to scour the talent and history enriched on the guitars and minds of blues artists. Some are old and well known while others are smaller credits just getting a leg into this soulful industry. Either way, there has been one direction of this film: there is more than the music to be heard.

Here on this episode, you will see and hear firsthand from both producers and director of America’s Blues about what their message is and why they have taken upon themselves to give a voice and picture show to what has been the foundation of music we play on KSHE radio.



To learn more and donate to America’s Blues check out their website: www.americasbluesmovie.com