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Local Produce: Episode 8 – Psychedelic Psychonauts


I don’t get to North County very often. Nothing against this part of St Louis, but I really never have any reason aside from turning around because I accidentally went North instead of South on 170… Until now, I have never really gotten out of my car and took in the culture up there.

When my producer, Ben Vogelsang (video-editor-extraordinaire) told me about this band with “Dan the Pancake Man” singing vocals, I really just perked up my eye brow like any normal viewer of the “The Today Show” – I also love pancakes and Courtesy Diner, so I knew about the reputation he already had in St Louis. I had no idea, though, he has fronted a band for the last year and half with his current bandmates. Enter, Psychedelic Psychonauts (whatever the hell that means…don’t worry, you find out in the video) and there we had it – our next episode of Local Produce Section.

The location was set in Psych² ‘s warehouse of a home…literally. Off of Natural Bridge Road next to gas station. This would be a first for filming. And as you would imagine, all of the bandmates crash here and live to some extent. One bathroom, three-four dudes. Two couches, a cat named Notch, and as many DVD’s as a good ol’ fashioned Blockbuster Video (RIP). I felt like I was 17 years old again and hanging out with the stoner skateboarders back in high school…it seemed like every basement I ever chillaxed in appeared this way. However, as grimy as your imagination could take you, I will say: it was comfortable. After all, these guys are like, 7 years younger than I am.

When I walked in, I immediately was greeted with the hang out version of smiles from all three – Dr Dan, Moses and David (this could almost sound biblical at this point). I introduced myself and it was at ease with the humor and disposition they all had with a girl in the room. They didn’t know where I worked, or what show I was on, there was no ego from anyone. It was nice. We immediately talked about Dan’s appearance on the Today Show from a month back. NBC got wind of Dan’s Reddit photo that went viral after a long shelf life of stagnant. The Today Show producers flew him out there with his friend Hank, put them up for one night in Times Square and then Dan made pancakes that looked like Al Roker. I asked him what they were all like and he said, “Matt Lauer cusses a lot off screen, Al Roker is the nicest man ever, and the ladies just sat behind the desk, really.” It made me love Matt Lauer even more.

After a quick tour and enough pancake talk, we all settled down to talk the band. And so we did. In the video, not only will you hear the story of who they are and how they came to be, but you will see that they have bigger plans in store. I really enjoyed my time with them, and to top it off, Dan made me a perfect “SweetMeat Pancake” – it was delicious. No band has ever fed me before. I think if you like a different sound, you can appreciate: The Psychedelic Psychonauts. Enjoy.

XX Lern

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