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Local Produce: Episode 7 – Tok


On Friday, February 28th something out of this world happened: Tok released their 3rd installment called “Gold Dollar Hen House” – we are THIS much closer to realizing what the big picture is when you put all the volumes before together… (Spoiler alert: It’s Bryan Basler.) But more than that – we are unveiling what Tok is all about as a musical journey. (Spoiler alert: they are the best rock band in St Louis as voted by RFT 2013, BEST OF) and I will say – they deserve it, so much.

The first experience I had with Tok was at the Pirate Signal show back in November, 2013… (See episode 5 of LPS…) when they were opening up for Pirate Signal’s CD release of “The War of Art”. Tok stole my heart and soul that night. In fact, the guys from Pirate Signal were there supporting their fellow local band, too.  Picture this: a long haired, tall and very good dancer as a guitarist and singer…and then a brother of this said long man who can play bass like he’s in a padded room…just no boundary for a thrust, a jerk, or any other movements that can make this seem like a pervy sentence. TOK is a movement – both on stage and in musical notes. They are catchy, they are weird, and they ROCK.

This past episode we recorded for Local Produce Section has been in the works since November. I could not wait to film. We settled on their cd release show at Schlafly Tap Room downtown – where it was free to get in, and good to be there. With a couple of bands opening for them on the small, cornered stage, there a makeshift TOK lighted space blanket as a sign lit up.

They started things off with a song from the new record. Then an old one, and through the set created a vibe in the Tok universe – not to neglect the “Bryan interruptions” about “What if Dimebag Darryl…” where the crowd gets antsy to answer the question and to get back to the music. But that is just who Tok is: brothers, different, spectacular. And the interview with Bryan and Matt Basler was just that.

This band is eccentric and well worth the acclaim from local media and fans. I suggest you find them sometime in the future and go say hello.

Big thanks to:

Schlafly Tap Room & their confused managers about why we are in their banquet room…
Matt and Bryan Basler
and all the people who were there.