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Local Produce: Episode 6 – Gavin M


Gavin McNutt, known this past show as quite simply, ‘Gavin M.’ is looking for people to play music with. A man of many acts before this singlehood on a stage at Seven Lounge in his hometown of Belleville, IL, was the man of the evening – who is solely responsible for every bar-goer’s night. Luckily for him, my friends and I were drinking and feeling extra spontaneous that night.

The performance was a small one, but in so many ways articulated what every musician wants from a live show: versatility, musical nostalgia, and someone buying the musician a beer or two – all of which happened.

For a one man show – literally, because he played guitar, looped vocals, fingered the keys and still managed to remember words to songs both he wrote and some he covered –this show had enough volume and grace to make the vibe in the bar seem just as it should…we were entertained and feeling the vibe from his music.

Interviewing Gavin was that of a first date – just us, in a puppy-dog window seat on Main Street with nothing to talk about except for our trials, errors, engagements and hopes. We discussed his childhood, enduring a divorce like most kids – shape shifted his artistic release into that of a songwriter – most parents could only hope their embattled with emotion kid would make it through a rough patch like a broken marriage with the art of music. The McNutt’s got lucky.

With the exception of not having people around him to feed off, in the small designated corner of Seven, Gavin was surrounded by people who support him. His parents (yes, they are friendly and have since moved on since the divorce), his friends, and The Local Produce Section.

I first was introduced to Gavin via email, when he name dropped a best friend of mine he knew from a mutual friend in Belleville – which I am always wary of believing, so I asked that said friend who said he was ‘legit.’ I looked further into this kid’s music. Trading emails and show dates, and a few months later, here we are. Looking on, I could see the nerves and seriousness that comes with playing any sort of ‘stage’ even if it is on the side of a bar – which was packed, by the way.

As you will get from this footage – Gavin knows where he’s been, knows what people may think, and overall knows himself. This educated, engaged 26-year-old has aspirations to make music his bread and butter…however, I feel like he will need a few more people to make this happen.  Not too many people can be a one-man-band, and I think with a little help from his friends, this could happen. The key is: finding a band that will take this as serious as him.

I was happy to meet this work in progress and hope to see more great things from Gavin, soon.

Hear his music here:

Gavin M. and Marlow Honey (2006-2008)

Gavin M. & Marlow Honey – Chivalry EP @ Bandcamp

Gavin M. & Marlow Honey – Chivalry II EP @ Bandcamp

Gavin M. & Marlow Honey Bandcamp

Parlor Knights (2009-2012)

Parlor Knights – From The Muses LP @ Amazon

Parlor Knights – From The Muses LP @ iTunes

Parlor Knights – Parlor A EP @ Amazon

Parlor Knights – Parlor A EP @ iTunes

Gavin M. (solo) (2004-2006 / 2013)

Gavin M. – I’m A Slow Rolling Wheel LP @ Amazon

Gavin M. – I’m A Slow Rolling Wheel LP @ iTunes

Gavin M. Bandcamp

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