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Local Produce: Episode 5 – Pirate Signal


The only show I have seen at the Demo in the Grove was Vintage Trouble. That night, they sold out the small and yet acoustically-sensational venue. This episode of Local Produce wasn’t a sold out show, but with the level of talent in the room, it should have been. See, that is the issue with the local scene in St Louis – there isn’t a whole lot of people fleeing to the door with cash in hand, and the faith it takes to thrive it. I felt like this show was special and I was glad to be in crowded room witnessing the finest rock n roll in the city peering out from the stage.

First off was Saluda that I unfortunately missed. But the second band, Roundheels – HOLY CRAP! A three piece of guys that have purple guitars, a sense of humor and a lot to offer. I will be reaching out to them soon. Along with the third band, TOK – that is co-fronted by a long-haired-lanky sober, and yet completely entertaining dude…also a three piece with a sound that we have been looking for. And lastly, the reason I was there filming – PIRATE SIGNAL. Which, when you first hear the band name, you may be a little skeptical (let’s face it, it’s like buying wine – the name matters for first impressions.) then you open up in iTunes–their newly released EP called “The War of Art” and you are replenished. This is a band well worth the wait of this EP. Well worth the wait for them to headline the night.

I first learned of this band as Josh (lead singer) hit me up to be on the LPS. Cullen from Logos passed on my info and I am happy he did. I would be missing out on something had I not attended this show. The four-man group is all a median age of 28. They are shy, careful, thankful and happy this EP is done and out to the world.

Live painting was happening during the whole show (how cool is that?!) and good people everywhere. Not to mention, the Demo – what a powerhouse in its small build. This is a place where the setting it intimate, the bar is long and the sound is excellent. You should find yourself there some time.

Check out the bands for yourself:

Pirate Signal