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Local Produce: Episode 3 – Glass Cavalry


About a year and half ago, I had the idea for the Local Produce Section, and one of the first emails I received was from a girl named Katie Lindhorst. She said she heard about it through the band Logos, and her friend Cullen told her to email me.

I remember being smitten with delight that the FIRST submission for LPS, before it was even a thought in my boss’ brain to ‘okay’, was from a chick, in a local band, who wanted to be a part of this.

For a year, Katie and I emailed frequently, and instead of ‘girl talk’ we talked business. We discussed what worked for our schedules and then through an act of strategic planning, I witnessed by first show at the Firebird on August 30th with THE GLASS CAVALRY.

Now, the story doesn’t stop there. After a few shots of Buffalo Trace, I watched TGC play their show – I took into account that what was happening on stage was a lot different than what I had seen before in local bands. The sound was different. The stage presence was different. The male to female ratio was 1:3 and it made a huge difference in how they are perceived by the audience. The crowd was mainly chicks (go figure.) and just like the Cheryl Dilcher and Wilson sisters of our time, here is a band who doesn’t give a f*** what sex YOU are.

Musically, they range from sounding pop (like No Doubt) to sounding nostalgic (think Third Eye Blind) to sounding eerily lingering like the B-sides you would hear on a Black Sabbath record…it takes me back to the ol’ phrase at KSHE 95: “A wide spectrum of sound” – which sometimes isn’t the case with all bands you hear today…they will be ONE genre…this band omits that boundary and decided to acknowledge all of their sounds.

At the show back in August, they had a crowd of nearly 100 people…and my guess was, if they were like me, and this was their first Glass Cavalry show, then this will not be the last.

So after we watched the show, we went to City Diner on South Grand after midnight to do the interview…we made it through the entire interview and found out the sound we had sucked…we had to scrap it. Then, two months later, we picked up where we left off and had the interview at their practicing space down in the Lemp/Benton Park district at an abandoned warehouse…which was fitting for October and creepy as hell! It seriously looked like Tyler Durdin’s house in Fight Club, but regardless, that is where this band reigns alongside other local musicians. It was so cool to see where they are creating new material and letting loose. We did this second interview in an elevator shaft. I wanted to go ghost hunting after this, but stomach literally couldn’t take it… (inside joke, which was really a ‘really real’ moment for me and the band…we know each other a lot better now, ANYWAY…) maybe our next venture. 🙂

Here is my interview the band, I hope you enjoy it. If you would like to check them out, please see the below noted details for where to find them.

Here’s to episode 3! – cheers, Lern

Grant Barnum: guitar/vocals

Katie Lindhorst: vocals and keyboards

Shannon Durington: bass

Lyndsey Rawley: drums



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