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Local Produce: Episode 10 – Brandon Creath & The Rest


Brandon Creath and The Rest first came to my inbox after I reached out to local bands for submissions to the Local Produce Section. After many months of planning and scheduling, we finally were able to connect at the Heavy Anchor on Gravois on a rainy Saturday night in August.

I feel like every local band has a unique feature that can identify them from the next band on stage. Sometimes these differences come in the format of style, or stage presence; sometimes the band’s sound is something you can’t really put your finger on – enter, Brandon Creath & The Rest.

First of all, these guys are cute…no, seriously, they look like they are at 18 years old still…however, they are not. Guitarist/vocalist, Brandon Creath is 23 while his drummer, Chris Bennett is 31 – they are grown men. “Just two guys havin’ a good time” on stage after almost a decade of making music together. Unlike so many prideful St Louisians from the ‘burbs, these two would rather not reflect on what area they grew up in and I think that’s smart. You may read too into it, if they would.

Local guys, talented and different – we haven’t had a two-piece band on LPS, until now. I still can’t put my finger on their sound and this is what I think is the most unique thing about BC&TR.  As you will watch in our episode, these two are calm, collected and rather well-dressed young men with just the music they want to express and put on a small stage around town. And I think that is the best reason and only way to describe a St Louis local band.

Enjoy our interview from the garden at Park Avene Coffee –


More: facebook.com/brandoncreathandtherest