Healthcare Hero

Nick Schueddig


The Real Rock Army salutes today’s Healthcare Hero … Nick Schueddig from Saint Charles, MO!

Nick is an ER Nurse at Mercy Hospital

Read on to learn why Nick’s mom feels he should be today’s Healthcare Hero …

I am nominating my son, Nick Schueddig, an ER Nurse at Mercy Hospital

I am the Business Manager/Child Safety Coordinator for St. Robert Bellarmine Church in St. Charles. My husband works for Pepsi (35 years).

Nick has been actively engaged with COVID-19 patients since it “hit” St. Louis.

His shifts working the tents for swabbing presumptive positive patients alternates with other assigned high trauma patients, as well as work with those in need of psychological help.

Nick is such a positive, upbeat person. My family and I have always referred to him as “an old soul”. He has such a gentle nature that is genuine and reassuring to his patients. He is very conscientious and they know they are in good hands with him. Especially when they are unable to have loved ones with them by their side in crisis situations. Nick has a way of letting them know they are in THE BEST care they can be. He has seen awful, high trauma patients as well that has him asking me to keep them and their family in prayer after his shifts.

We’ve grown up as a family that enjoys our music as an outlet and expression of ourselves. His dad and I are very proud to have raised our kids on “good music.” Nick has earned the nickname “DJ Jazzy Jeff” and all the good Klassics are on his playlists.

He doesn’t know I’m nominating him. I wouldn’t know what songs he would choose for his top 10, but I will tell you that the KSHE Klassics are played every Sunday and he appreciates ALL of the good old ones. He likes old Journey, Kansas, Yes, Supertramp, ELP, Ozzy, KISS, Todd Rundgren, Elton John, Zeppelin, Eagles, etc.

We’ve grown up on KSHE. Our kids have grown up on KSHE. The KSHE events and sponsored concerts have been topics of discussion in our household OFTEN. We’ve tried to get him and my daughter to as many of the “good” concerts as possible. I think the last one we attended was April Wine at the Family Arena and we had our picture taken with Sweetmeat. It’s simple really, KSHE is just a part of our household.

My family, gratefully, is very close. Nick is 25 and is a BSN/RN. Mercy employed him at the first chance they could. My daughter, Kara, just turned 21. We have a trip to Vegas planned the first of June that I’m afraid will be postponed. Seeing Aerosmith was on our list of “must-do’s.” My husband, Paul, and I are so happy that our kids choose to want to be with us on weekends and holidays. We have so much fun together. Nick just bought his first home in August with his soon to be fiancé. Kara is studying to be a Child Health Specialist.

We do a family float trip and a vacation together every year. Those are always loaded with funny memories.

I have 3 very fun and very crazy (in a good way) sisters with equally fun kids and significant others. My husband’s family is big and has given my kids cousins that have become best friends. Fortunately this is on both sides of our family.

KSHE songs Nick wanted to hear today:

Kiss – Shout It Out Loud
Kansas – Point of Know Return
Supertramp – Goodbye Stranger

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