Healthcare Hero

Meagan Fortner

Meagan Fortner Hch

The Real Rock Army salutes today’s Healthcare Hero … Meagan Fortner from New Haven, MO!

Meagan is an ICU nurse at Mercy Hospital in Washington, MO

Read on to learn why Meagan’s friend and co-worker, Melia Corson, feels she should be today’s Healthcare Hero …

My name is Melia Corson and I would like to nominate a fellow co-worker, Meagan Fortner

Meagan always goes above and beyond and truly exemplifies passionate care. When I first met Meagan, all I noticed was her adorable little pixie smile that she always had pasted on her face, no matter what the day brought or the stress of the job! I also didn’t know at the time that she had been battling cancer for years. Then a few years later, I found out it had come back with a vengeance, yet there she was at work, still with that little pixie smile and maybe a little shorter hair, but always a positive attitude even though she was going through treatments at the time

Meagan is currently working from home in a different capacity with Mercy Hospital. This is until she is ready and it’s safe for her to put the scrubs back on and get in the ICU again with her fellow nurses. If she could, she would be on the front lines right now, surely with that smile on her face. Meagan is a true hero in every sense of the word and deserves to have a special day just for her

Meagan likes a good mix of old rock just like KSHE and like KSHE, Meagan is also a rockstar

Meagan is a proud mom of Alex and wife of James Meagan and loves spending as much time as she can soaking in fun with her family and also likes to travel with them as well

Meagan has been a nurse for six years and is truly passionate in this role

Meagan is also an excellent writer and has blogged about her journey while she has battled with this beast

KSHE songs Meagan wanted to hear today:

Bob Seger – Night Moves
Skid Row – I Remember You
David Bowie – Golden Years

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